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KCPW – Conversation with Congressman Chris Stewart – 9.6.23

KSL – Parents should have more say over K-12 education, Owens says – 8.30.23

Deseret News – Rep. Burgess Owens addresses higher ed costs, quality in remarks at University of Utah – 8.30.23

KSL – Blake Moore wants voters to focus on federal debt; says balanced budget will take time to achieve – 8.29.23

Deseret News – Rep. Blake Moore: Next presidential election should focus on ‘energy and tax policy’ – 8.29.23

Salt Lake Tribune – Utah Rep. Blake Moore says 2024 presidential election should be about ‘energy and tax policy’ – 8.29.23

Salt Lake Tribune – Why are Utahns having fewer children? Experts point to economy, culture – 8.25.23

KUER – Sen. Mike Lee says Congress can’t keep delegating power to the executive branch – 8.23.23

KSL – Sen. Mike Lee thinks Congress needs to take power back from federal agencies – 8.23.23

Daily Utah Chronicle – Mike Lee Speaks at the Hinckley Institute in Congressional Series – 8.22.23

Deseret News – How is Congress dysfunctional? Let Rep. John Curtis count the ways – 8.22.23

Deseret News – Sen. Mike Lee wants to restrain the administrative state — aka ‘the swamp.’ Here’s how – 8.22.23

KSL – Will Mitt Romney run for reelection in 2024? Senator says he could make a decision this fall – 8.21.23

Salt Lake Tribune – Will he or won’t he? Mitt Romney talks 2024 Senate and presidential races at Sutherland Institute event – 8.21.23

KNRS – Rod Arquette Show w/ Greg Hughes – 8.16.23

KUTV – Utah teachers, parents work together to help navigate changes in education – 8.15.23

Institute for Family Studies – Keep the Utah Family Miracle Going Strong – 8.14.23

KNRS – Rod Arquette Show – Biden Regs contribute to bad economy; America at 250/Celebration or Funeral – 8.8.23

Georgia Center for Opportunity – Imagine a Georgia Family Miracle – 8.7.23

KSL – States should have more power in educational policy, said expert – 8.7.23

KSL – Sunday Edition: Bishop Phyllis Spiegel, Brad Wilcox, and the ‘Social Media Shadow’ – 8.6.23

KSL – Changing the country’s education policy to produce better results – 8.4.23

Deseret News – The case for the ‘Utah Family Miracle’ – 8.4.23

Salt Lake Tribune – ‘Congress reflects Americans’: Outgoing Utah Rep. Chris Stewart talks partisan extremes, his time in Washington – 8.3.23

Inside Sources – A Better Way Forward in Education Policy, and Reviving America’s Congregations – 8.3.23

Deseret News – Rep. Chris Stewart on putting family first and why being a GOP Speaker is the ‘worst job in the universe’ – 8.3.23

KNRS – The Wild 2024 Presidential Race; Biden and Obama Regulatory Agenda – 8.1.23

ABC4 – New report examines how family structure impacts Utah economy – 7.22.23

Utah Business – Sutherland Institute announces key findings in family study – 7.19.23

KSL – Utah families: The key to economic success and the challenges ahead – 7.19.23

KNRS – Men in Female Locker Rooms in SL County; Utah Family Trends – 7.18.23

Utah Policy – Sutherland Institute announces key findings in family study – 7.18.23

Inside Sources – The Utah Family Miracle with Brad Wilcox – 7.18.23

Daily Herald – Growth, housing focuses of Provo Municipal Council candidate town hall – 6.30.23

Fox13 – Utahns react to U.S. Supreme Court decision to block student loan forgiveness case – 6.30.23

Deseret News – Q&A: Brad Wilcox on the state of fatherhood in America — and what can be done to make it better – 6.15.23

KSL – Christine Fairbanks from the Sutherland Institute with details on Oklahoma’s approval of religious charter school – 6.6.23

Deseret News – 4 things every child needs to succeed as an adult – 3.23.23

Inside Sources – An Empowering Alternative to the Victim Mentality – 3.23.23

Inside Sources – Why the Family Needs to be Part of National and Local Policy Discussions – 3.23.23

KNRS – DeSantis Speaks; Utah Lawmaker Enforces His Own Law – 3.22.23

Inside Sources – Helping the Next Generation Succeed at the Sutherland Institute’s Annual Gala – 3.21.23