Sutherland Institute Announces New Podcast: ‘Defending Ideas’

July 21, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (July 21, 2023) – Sutherland Institute announced today the launch of its podcast, “Defending Ideas.” The new weekly program will equip voters with an elevated understanding of policy issues in a way that fosters healthier public discourse and reduces polarization.  

“Speaking directly to voters in a way that is accessible, compelling and persuasive is a key part of our focus on making sound ideas broadly popular,” said Rick Larsen, Sutherland president and CEO. “The growing importance of multimedia as a tool to equip our audience with better skills to understand and defend sound principles is another step forward in Sutherland’s growth.”

The podcast will blend expert analysis from Sutherland and beyond, voices from various thought leaders in Utah and across the nation, and relatable stories that show the connection between sound principles, constructive dialogue, and good policy.  

“Defending Ideas” will be accessible on every major podcast provider. Full length video, as well as clips and snippets, can be found on YouTube and Sutherland’s social media pages. For more information, visit Defendingideas.org



Media Contact:

Nic Dunn

VP, Strategy & Communications

801-349-5961 | [email protected]

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