They didn’t have to.
But they did.

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A New Birth of Freedom

Sutherland Institute is uniquely positioned to bring A New Birth of Freedom to individuals, families, communities and the country. The rare combination of effective influence with elected officials and impactful outreach to citizens leads to real, powerful change. Policymakers and individuals are empowered to strengthen free markets and civil society through community-driven solutions.


Economies Prosper When Families Prosper

The family is an engine, a force for good. It powers our country and our economy. It’s a building block of who we are, a vision for what we can become, and the cornerstone of strong communities. Without it we are lost. Nourish it and we find prosperity.


No Taxation Without Innovation

Our students deserve better than the status quo. A personal income tax increase and a sales tax increase will be placed on the ballot in 2018. But this will only feed more money into a flawed system and have immediate negative consequences on the economy.
A tax hike is the path of least resistance to improving education — that leads nowhere. We need to be for something, not just against a tax hike. We have to give voters, policymakers and community leaders something to stand for. That something is innovation and education choice.

Your Gifts Create an Impact

Together we will promote and protect the free market, civil society and community-driven solutions. Join the fight to protect what’s right!