Curtis and Stewart: We have good reason for optimism

Despite differences in topic and tone, both congressmen endorsed an optimistic outlook, based on historical perspective, on political divisions in the nation.

Rep. Curtis: ‘Our interests are actually aligned’

Curtis’ remarks highlight a crucial insight for finding workable policy solutions in a time of significant partisan division: build discussions on a foundation of what you can agree on.

Stewart: You have to have people believe in elections

At a Sutherland Institute Congressional Series event this week, Rep. Chris Stewart said that if people lose confidence in elections, “you have lost the foundation … for a government and society to survive.” Fortunately, Utahns trust in elections is high.

Rep. Stewart: Federalism is for all parties and ideologies

Speaking at a Sutherland Institute Congressional Series event this week, Rep. Chris Stewart said he believes that federalism is the only way for America to overcome its divisions.

Sutherland Institute names new vice president of strategy & communications

Sutherland Institute announced today the addition of Nic Dunn as vice president of strategy & communications.

Romney proposal underscores importance of public trust in public health

The senator’s idea for a new, data-focused public health agency is a constructive step forward. On the other hand, a barrier to its success might be public health’s public trust problem.

Religious liberty conferences highlight the freedom that many lack around the world

In Rome, Justice Samuel Alito says: “We can’t lightly assume that the religious liberty enjoyed today in the United States, in Europe, and in many other places will always endure. Religious liberty is fragile.”

Congress’ history of messing with Supreme Court size

Congress changed the number of Supreme Court justices seven times in the 80 years after the Constitution was enacted, but that number has stayed at nine for the last 153 years.

Utah’s resilient politics bolstered by its social capital

Despite growing political and partisan divisions nationally and in other states, in Utah we have generally continued – for the time being, at least – to find practical, principled policy solutions to difficult issues.

Education choice continues to flower in Utah

Utah’s virtual school programs are serving thousands of students and their families in ways that traditional, in-person school never could.

The Sutherland Institute Civics Initiative

The Sutherland Institute Civics Initiative

In American education today, we’ve allowed an atrophy to occur. We’ve ignored the gradual reduction of history and civics and accepted an erosion of both content and context. But we can solve this problem – and it begins with families and communities. We can set aside partisan-driven approaches to history and civics and demand the most comprehensive, accurate and sequential approach to history, civics and citizenship ever conceived. That’s the Sutherland Civics Initiative.


Founded in 1995, Sutherland Institute is an independent research and educational institution – a think tank – whose mission is to advance sound ideas and principled public policy. Sutherland is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization and does not accept government funding. We rely on support from corporations, foundations and individuals like you that share a commitment to faith, family, and free markets. Sutherland consistently promotes solutions that serve community needs and build on areas of agreement. We believe people are more alike than different – that policy matters, principles matter more, and people matter most. Our mission includes a charge to build future leaders: educated, able and willing to defend a New Birth of Freedom for the next generation.

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