Sutherland Institute statement on Critical Race Theory

Sutherland Institute submitted the following statement to Gov. Spencer J. Cox in response to calls for a ban on Critical Race Theory.

Utah requires character and civics ed in an integrated curriculum – do our schools comply?

Good civics education policy already exists in the law. Let’s look locally to determine how well our schools are teaching what is required of them by law.

A prayer a day keeps the doctor away

The last year has been dominated by concerns about health – not only from the COVID-19 pandemic, but also from the effects on well-being and mental health due to the social isolation the pandemic response has sometimes required.

Cox flexes Utah’s federalism muscle

This latest expression of federalism continues what the data suggest may be a new trend in American governance and civic affairs, illustrating that federalism remains alive and well in America.

Hijab, turban cases highlight contrast between U.S., Canada on religious freedom

Hijab, turban cases highlight contrast between U.S., Canada on religious freedom

This type of commitment to religious freedom by the Supreme Court, and by Congress in passing Title VII, is the reason the United States remains a beacon for respect of religious freedom to the entire world.

See through the chaos and disinformation – civic life remains strong

See through the chaos and disinformation – civic life remains strong

The fact that – despite what seems like political chaos coming out of Washington, D.C. – peaceful changes to the law continue each year without much disruption should add greatly to our peace of mind about the health of our society and our democratic republic.

SUU offers most affordable public university degree in the nation

Free college and debt cancellation – ultimately paid for by taxpayers – is the wrong approach to America’s student loan problem. Instead, we should reduce student loan debt by encouraging innovation in higher education that lowers college costs upfront.

Biden’s first 100 days: education reforms proposed

Biden has wasted no time using the bully pulpit to call for reform during his first days in office. Of course, many of those reforms will take consensus from multiple branches and different levels of government in order to pan out. It remains to be seen whether the American people are willing to go in the direction that Biden wants to lead them.

The U.S. is losing its civics education — here’s how to turn it around

We can no longer avoid this harsh truth: Despite the high value we place on education, we have allowed an atrophy to occur. We have ignored the gradual reduction of history and civics and accepted the erosion of content and context — and consequently, truth that enables leadership. This lack of accurate information leaves current and future generations unacceptably vulnerable to misinformation and disinformation.

‘Do no harm’ may sound good, but it’s a threat to religious and other freedoms

The “do no harm” argument says that religious freedom should be pre-emptively restricted by government power and regulation in instances where there is risk that the exercise of religious freedom could harm someone, even in intangible ways. On paper it makes sense. But we don’t live on paper. We live in the real world.

doctor and virus

Our response to COVID-19

The need for careful policy analysis, review and oversight is urgent. As federal, state and local governments navigate uncharted public health and economic waters, there are so many challenges. We are aware of the responsibility this creates for Sutherland, and grateful to supporters like you, who make our work possible.


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“That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

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