See how 22 governors’ arguments against Biden’s loan forgiveness plan fit into framework for evaluating proposals

The ongoing student loan debate shows the importance of constitutional process, targeted policy, and awareness of long-term effects.

New report helps keep an eye on religious freedom in the states

Utah ranks sixth in report that examines 11 religious freedom safeguards such as healthcare conscience protections and other religious exemptions.

Watch first Utah State School Board candidate debate Thursday on YouTube

To help voters in the respective USBE districts become better acquainted with the candidates seeking to serve in these important roles, a series of debates will be conducted live, primarily via YouTube, beginning next week.

Howard Headlee Joins Sutherland Institute Board of Directors

Headlee will draw from his leadership experience in the private sector to enhance Sutherland’s work supporting free enterprise and the institutions of civil society.

Respect for conscience is a natural extension of religious freedom

Federal court in California case backs up doctors who don’t want to take part in assisted suicide process.

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and the evolving American presidency

How can the U.K. – a nation that continues to have a reigning monarch – and the U.S. both be representative democracies?

Don’t assume partisanship lies beneath justices’ decisions

Partisanship can explain some things, but it is often unhelpful in explaining the work of the Supreme Court.

History first, debate second: Biden’s loan forgiveness plan

Failing to learn about the history of an issue often means failing to truly understand the issue.

Social capital ‘superpowers’: A Q&A with Utah Foundation’s Peter Reichard

Social capital “determines how well we will live, what we can hope for, and how much money the government might try to spend to ameliorate the consequences of society’s failings.”

Religious groups often involved in helping others assert rights

By seeking protection from certain regulation under the freedom of association, religious Americans have helped establish legal precedents that protect nonreligious associations.

The Sutherland Institute Civics Initiative

The Sutherland Institute Civics Initiative

In American education today, we’ve allowed an atrophy to occur. We’ve ignored the gradual reduction of history and civics and accepted an erosion of both content and context. But we can solve this problem – and it begins with families and communities. We can set aside partisan-driven approaches to history and civics and demand the most comprehensive, accurate and sequential approach to history, civics and citizenship ever conceived. That’s the Sutherland Civics Initiative.


Founded in 1995, Sutherland Institute is an independent research and educational institution – a think tank – whose mission is to advance sound ideas and principled public policy. Sutherland is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization and does not accept government funding. We rely on support from corporations, foundations and individuals like you that share a commitment to faith, family, and free markets. Sutherland consistently promotes solutions that serve community needs and build on areas of agreement. We believe people are more alike than different – that policy matters, principles matter more, and people matter most. Our mission includes a charge to build future leaders: educated, able and willing to defend a New Birth of Freedom for the next generation.

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“That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

~ President Abraham Lincoln


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