Q&A: Jordan School District offering new online school

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down in-person schools and forced students into online learning for a time. While some students and families struggled under an online learning structure, some actually preferred it. Jordan School District decided to honor that by continuing an online option for all grade levels K-12.

Legal dispute in Texas spotlights the critical role religion plays in responding to homelessness

Legal dispute in Texas spotlights the critical role religion plays in responding to homelessness

This unique motivation and inclusion of individual transformation in their work differentiates religious charities from the important work done by government agencies and secular charities. Ensuring room for that type of work is one of the reasons religious freedom protections are so important.

4 principles for modernizing healthcare emerge from pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated both the strengths and the shortcomings of Utah’s healthcare system. What lessons can we learn from the pandemic to better support and strengthen healthcare in Utah? What improvements are needed?

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan: What it could mean for Utah schools

The Biden administration’s “Build Back Better” infrastructure proposal is getting attention, mostly for its price tag – $2.25 trillion – but also for the broad swaths of American life that it covers.

Supreme Court says California can’t limit worship in homes

Supreme Court says California can’t limit worship in homes

California’s attempts to regulate worship during the pandemic have consistently been turned back by the U.S. Supreme Court for failing to ensure equal treatment of religious and other activities.

Suicides in U.S. decrease despite pandemic – why?

The evidence suggests a mental health landscape picture more nuanced than we might have expected during the pandemic. Examining those nuances could aid our understanding of how to best address mental health problems.

Long-lasting change driven by Biden administration? April Fool!

The civic realities of governing in America point to the likelihood that whatever change is brought about by the Biden administration’s new spending will not be broad or long-term.

New lawsuit aimed at BYU and other religious universities argues religious accommodations are unconstitutional

A new lawsuit aims at ending a nearly 50-year-old accommodation for religious colleges and universities, including BYU, but it appears to be more about making a statement than stating a valid legal claim.

Buzzwords and inside baseball: 8 Utah ed questions clarified

What’s the difference between curriculum and standards? What is civics education versus social studies? What is Critical Race Theory?

Civic virtue must be a priority after recent disturbing tale in Salt Lake County

Leaders must be chosen not simply for their fundraising prowess or their communications savvy, but for the capacity developed by their character to use money and messaging in the service of the people they represent, instead of simply in pursuit of their personal agendas for power, money and influence.

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