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Sutherland Institute is a nonpartisan policy and educational institution – a think tank – that informs the public and policymakers alike. Our mission is to advance principled public policy that promotes the Constitutional values of faith, family and freedom and remains true to the belief that every generation must recommit to the principles that make us free.


Governing values:

Sutherland is committed to the individual, social, economic and constitutional importance of: 











“That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

~ President Abraham Lincoln

Research & Insights

Politics aside – RBG had the secret to healing our nation

Today in our bitterly divided country, one lesson from her legacy ought to stand above the rest: the unique and beautiful friendship with one of her seemingly most staunch ideological opponents – Justice Antonin Scalia.

Surge in controversies over U.S. history is an opening for Utah ed policy

National attention on the state of civics and history knowledge is surging – and it can help states improve civics and history education.

Sutherland signs open letter on healthcare reform

“Americans know we need real change. You want to be in charge of your health care without asking Washington politicians or health insurance bureaucrats for permission.”

Q&A: Teach unbiased American history by using founding documents

“We have a crisis in civic education that can no longer be ignored….It is really a crisis of understanding and devotion. Too many young people do not understand the principles of our Founding or see America’s history as the story of our struggle to live up to those principles of freedom.”

Q&A: AEI study shows how schools’ focus influences family life

Adults who attended Protestant schools are twice as likely to be in stable marriages, compared with adults who attended public schools, and 50% less likely to have a child outside of marriage. Why?

Aaron Taylor named as Sutherland’s new Executive Vice President

Sutherland Institute President and CEO Rick Larsen announced today that former Washington, D.C., congressional staffer Aaron Taylor is Sutherland’s new Executive Vice President.

Protecting religious freedom at the federal level

Congress needs to act to ensure that discrimination laws apply as intended, to protect people in need without threatening the work of religious groups and people of faith.

Utah State School Board candidates to debate

These debates give candidates running for the Utah State Board of Education time to discuss their stances on important issues, and for voters to meet, learn more about the individual candidates, and ask questions that matter to them.

New study shows Americans know MORE about Constitution in 2020

Results from the survey conducted Aug. 4-9, 2020, show an uptick in Americans’ understanding of the U.S. Constitution. It appears that Americans are eager to learn, and when they are eager, large gains can be made quickly. Which is something to celebrate. Happy Constitution Day!

Prescription Drugs 101: One visual to rule them all

The prescription drug market can seem like a complex web. This visual describes where and how the money flows as prescription drugs travel from manufacturers to patients.



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