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Sutherland Institute is a nonpartisan policy and educational institution – a think tank – that informs the public and policymakers alike. Our mission is to advance principled public policy that promotes the Constitutional values of faith, family and freedom and remains true to the belief that every generation must recommit to the principles that make us free.


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“That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

~ President Abraham Lincoln

Research & Insights

Religious belief accelerated efforts for women’s suffrage

A common (and incorrect) stereotype is that religion treats women as subservient to men. Both contemporary and historical evidence show otherwise, however.

Prescription Drug Q&A: The U.S. market and COVID vaccines

“The U.S. has a vibrant and thriving biopharma sector” – says American Enterprise Institute scholar and Milton Friedman chair James C. Capretta – “in large part because the payments system for these products is more favorable to the industry than it is elsewhere.”

Prescription Drug Q&A: The U.S. market-based system makes it a world leader in discovering new medicines

Americans get what they pay for when it comes to prescription drugs. We pay higher prices for drugs but gain access to nearly twice as many new medicines as citizens in foreign countries that use the law or government programs to set drug prices.

Q&A with legal scholar: Upcoming SCOTUS cases

With another U.S. Supreme Court term beginning, there are more opportunities for guidance and protection of religious freedom. To understand these opportunities, we asked Howard Slugh some questions about religious freedom cases in the upcoming court term.

Q&A: Quick info about registering and voting

This week Sutherland Institute’s education policy fellow Christine Cooke spoke with Justin Lee, director of elections in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

SCOTUS’ opportunity to protect religious child welfare agencies

Whatever our political or legal philosophy, everyone should agree that prioritizing the welfare of children and families ought to be one of the main goals of our foster care and adoption system.

Utah’s new COVID-19 game plan

Utah’s new plan creates a COVID-19 Transmission Index that is transparent and data-driven. Will it be effective?

How religious freedom guards freedom of speech

The decisions to protect the convictions of people of faith have clearly resulted in important precedents that protect a wide range of other interests and personal freedoms. Protecting religious freedom results in protecting other individual rights essential to all Americans.

Remember: Debate season includes state school board race

It’s election season, which means it is time for debates. The past two weeks we’ve seen candidates square off at all levels – presidential, gubernatorial, and vice presidential. But did you know about the debates for the Utah State Board of Education?

VP debate illustrates need for serious policy solutions – not slogans

As we go into the closing stretch of the 2020 election season, remember that slogans are not solutions. Remember that there are important tradeoffs to consider in any major healthcare policy proposal.



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