A better way to frame the child care debate

Written by Defending Ideas

September 26, 2023

​Child care is frequently at the center of family policy debates in Washington, D.C. and in state capitals across the country. As evidenced by the Biden administration’s proposal in April 2023, often the core focus is promoting broad access to licensed institutional child care as a tool to maximize parents’ participation in the workforce.

But the state of Utah’s approach has been markedly different – elevating families by incorporating the diverse needs and preference of parents into the conversation. State Rep. Susan Pulsipher joins the show to discuss her legislative work on child care issues, which includes tools to support working parents as well as those who leave the workforce to raise children.

The episode will leave you with a unifying goal: to help families move closer to what they identify as the ideal arrangement for their children and achieve the work situation that best supports that ideal.

Show notes:

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