Understanding the border crisis

Written by Defending Ideas

February 27, 2024

What is going on at the U.S./Mexico border in Texas? After a wave of national news coverage profiling recent significant increases in border crossings, questions remain about the legal conflict between state and federal authorities over who is actually in charge of border security.

On this episode, Deseret News Politics Reporter Brigham Tomco joins host Nic Dunn to give a first-hand account of what’s actually happening at the border based on his recent coverage for the Deseret News.

Later in the show, Sutherland Constitutional Law and Religious Freedom Fellow Bill Duncan joins to discuss the legal battle between Texas and the federal government. Bill and Nic go over the arguments on both sides as the issues moves through the judicial process.

Finally, Sutherland Chief Growth Officer Derek Monson sits down with Nic to explore why this issue is so polarizing, offering some tips for how to discuss contentious topics like this with more respect for those who disagree.

Show notes:

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