Sutherland Institute releases statement as Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games begin

February 8, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Sutherland Institute President Rick Larsen released the following statement in anticipation of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games: 

“In 1996 I had the privilege of working with Steve Young and his Sport, Education and Values Foundation to write and produce a five-part video series and curriculum guide titled ‘Olympism: Lighting the Way to a Legacy of Peace.’ 

“Steve and Sharlene Wells Hawkes shared hosting duties and KSL’s Dick Nourse voiced the video. Dozens of Utah educators donated their time to create the curriculum guide. The video and workbook set was donated to every school in Utah and presented as a gift to the International Olympic Committee.

“The scriptwriting process resulted in a deep personal connection to the Olympic movement, one that remains with me – and so many Utahns – to this day. In the history of the modern Games I found insight from Pierre de Coubertin, who said, ‘Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of a good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.’ In Utah, we demonstrated his principled vision of ‘joy found in the effort’ through an outpouring of volunteerism unmatched by any other host city. 

“It is with appreciation for the principles and ideals of the Olympic movement that we at Sutherland wish Team USA great success during the 2018 Games, with a special expression of support for those athletes – more than 50 of them – who were either born in Utah or have moved here to train and live, becoming our adopted Olympic sons and daughters. 

“May you promote ‘peace and unity through sport,’ compete in a spirit of respect and sportsmanship and honorably represent yourselves, your families, Utah and the nation. GO TEAM USA.”


Jerica Tandiman, long track speedskating

Sarah Hendrickson, ski jumping

Will Rhoads, ski jumping

Abby Ringquist, ski jumping

Nathan Chen, figure skating

Chris Fogt, bobsled

Rosie Brennan, cross-country skiing

Nolan Kasper, Alpine skiing

Ted Ligety, Alpine skiing

Steven Nyman, Alpine skiing

Jared Goldberg, Alpine skiing

Megan McJames, Alpine skiing

McRae Williams, slopestyle skiing

Alex Hall, slopestyle skiing

Madison Olsen, aerials

Taylor Morris, luge


Maame Biney, short track speedskating

J.R. Celski, short track speedskating

Lana Gehring, short track speedskating

Thomas Hong, short track speedskating

Aaron Tran, short track speeskating

Brittany Bowe, long track speedskating

Jonathan Garcia, long track speedskating

Erin Jackson, long track speedskating

Mia Manganello, long track speedskating

Joey Mantia, long track speedskating

Carlijn Schoutens, long track speedskating

Mitch Whitmore, long track speedskating

Kimani Griffin, long track speedskating

Elizabeth Stephen, cross-country skiing

Faye Gulini, snowboardcross

Bradley Wilson, moguls

Emerson Smith, moguls

Morgan Schild, moguls

Jaelin Kauf, moguls

Troy Murphy, moguls

Keaton McCargo, moguls

Jonathon Lillis, aerials

Mac Bohonnon, aerials

Ashley Caldwell, aerials

Kiley McKinnon, aerials

Ben Berend, Nordic combined

Bryan Fletcher, Nordic combined

Taylor Fletcher, Nordic combined

Jasper Good, Nordic combined

Ben Loomis, Nordic combined

Kevin Bickner, ski jumping

Casey Larson, ski jumping

Maddie Bowman, halfpipe skiing


Tommy Biesemeyer, Alpine skiing

Megan McJames, Alpine skiing

Resi Stiegler, Alpine skiing

Andrew Weibrecht, Alpine skiing

Jacqueline Wiles, Alpine skiing

Tim Jitloff, Alpine skiing

Mark Engel, Alpine skiing

Alice McKennis, Alpine skiing

Wiley Maple, Alpine skiing

Breezy Johnson, Alpine skiing

Bryce Bennett, Alpine skiing

Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Alpine skiing

Jessie Diggins, cross-country skiing

Kikkan Randall, cross-country skiing

Nick Goepper, slopestyle skiing

Darian Stevens, slopestyle skiing

Alex Ferreira, halfpipe skiing

Brita Sigourney, halfpipe skiing

Kendall Wessenberg, skeleton

Sam Michener, bobsled

Sam McGuffie, bobsled

Carlo Valdes, bobsled

Devin Logan, halfpipe and slopestyle skiing

Maggie Voisin, slopestyle skiing

Jessika Jenson, slopestyle snowboarding

Mick Dierdorff, snowboardcross

Kelly Clark, halfpipe snowboarding

Thank you to the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation for the above comprehensive list.

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