Sutherland Institute announces departure of Boyd Matheson

January 18, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Sutherland Institute announced the departure of Boyd Matheson. He has served as Sutherland president since March 2016 and has been an integral part of a new Sutherland vision. Matheson has accepted a new position at Deseret News and will begin there in February.

Stan Swim, chairman of the Board of Trustees, said, “Boyd has led the team to new and inspiring places, offering unique and valuable leadership. His efforts have been true to the founding vision of Gaylord Swim and will have lasting influence on the organization’s unique opportunity to bring about a new birth of freedom to individuals, families, communities and the nation.”

Matheson commented, “It has been a singular experience to be part of Sutherland Institute. On the shoulders of an extraordinary staff, the institute has sounded the trumpet of powerful principles and effective public policy to the nation for over a quarter-century. I am confident Sutherland will continue to make sound ideas broadly popular, among government leaders, business executives and citizens, in the years ahead.”

Swim concluded, “Matheson understands what it takes to create real and powerful change. We wish him great success and look forward to seeing what Boyd will do in his new role at Deseret News. We know he will continue to uplift and inspire important conversations as opinion editor and head of strategic reach.”

Sutherland will announce new leadership in the coming week.

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