Restoring “The Soul of Civility” in America, with Alexandra Hudson

Written by Defending Ideas

April 9, 2024

Most people would agree that civility seems to be in short supply in our current political environment. But in recent years, a growing chorus of voices across the political spectrum has been calling for a return to principles of civility in politics, as well as all areas of public life. 

This week’s guest is Alexandra Hudson, author of The Soul of Civility: Timeless Principles to Heal Society and Ourselves. Alexandra sits down with host Nic Dunn to discuss her experiences working in the federal government that prompted her to write this book. She articulates why civility is needed in personal and public life now more than ever and outlines an approach each of us can take to interact with others – especially those with whom we disagree – in a way that strengthens true discourse and heals our nation.

Show notes:

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