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A prayer a day keeps the doctor away

The last year has been dominated by concerns about health – not only from the COVID-19 pandemic, but also from the effects on well-being and mental health due to the social isolation the pandemic response has sometimes required.

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Biden’s first 100 days: education reforms proposed

Biden has wasted no time using the bully pulpit to call for reform during his first days in office. Of course, many of those reforms will take consensus from multiple branches and different levels of government in order to pan out. It remains to be seen whether the American people are willing to go in the direction that Biden wants to lead them.

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The U.S. is losing its civics education — here’s how to turn it around

We can no longer avoid this harsh truth: Despite the high value we place on education, we have allowed an atrophy to occur. We have ignored the gradual reduction of history and civics and accepted the erosion of content and context — and consequently, truth that enables leadership. This lack of accurate information leaves current and future generations unacceptably vulnerable to misinformation and disinformation.

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