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U.S. needs solutions for education costs, but not ‘free’ college or debt cancellation

There needs to be a cultural shift around big-name, often expensive, universities. Americans need to refocus on getting an education for the sake of attaining knowledge and skill, not status. We need to refocus on the needs of students. We need to stop seeing them as a price tag, but instead allow them to learn from experience. The experience that comes from real effort and sacrifice.

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Tax reform? But I thought …

Tax reform? But I thought … It’s not hard to understand that Utahns may be experiencing a bit of confusion, and for some a sense of whiplash, about the current focus on and potentially significant pending changes in the state’s tax structure.    After all, didn’t we...

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In Utah, we can disagree better

In Utah, we can disagree better Originally published in Deseret News. Utah does a lot of things right. While water cooler conversations and local headlines tend to highlight disagreements, those whose work exposes them to national counterparts know there are...

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