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Hot-button issue of equality in 7-12 standards

Equality remains a hot-button issue in America today. Students are hearing about and navigating the topic of equality now more than ever before. Are they equipped? The public school system is constantly updating its standards with the hope of helping students do just that. This is part 15 in Sutherland’s new series that seeks to examine how Utah education standards prepare students to be active citizens.

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Conscientious objector cases show how religious freedom is connected to other rights

Whether protecting deeply held moral beliefs about animal rights, healthcare, abortion or military service, the right to conscientious objection is an important example of how the efforts of people of faith and religious organizations to secure their ability to exercise their beliefs has increased the circumference of freedom for many others – including (perhaps especially) the nonreligious.

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‘Let Friendship Heal the Republic’

Three sets of friends (including Derek Monson, Sutherland vice president of policy) who have different views on politics and policy discussed their unorthodox friendships during a webinar Thursday – challenging the audience to reach out and establish connections and friendships with those who maintain different opinions, while offering suggestions for how to do so and responding to audience questions.

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