Eboo Patel on how religious differences are actually necessary for healthy democracy

Written by Defending Ideas

September 19, 2023

Religious faith is often viewed as a source of division, and sometimes there’s an expectation that people of faith should keep their religion confined to their private lives. This week’s discussion shows that religious differences can actually lead to bridges of cooperation to solve some of our biggest challenges, and that faith has an important role in public life.

Special guest Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith America and a University of Utah Impact Scholar, joins host Nic Dunn to discuss pluralism, diverse democracy, and how to value the contributions of faith in society even if your own views of theology differ.

Following the interview with Eboo, Nic is joined by Sutherland Constitutional Law and Religious Freedom Fellow Bill Duncan and Chief Growth Officer Derek Monson. They discuss how to translate the idea of religious pluralism into principles that are changing public policy for the better.

This episode is part of Defending Ideas’ ongoing feature: Defending Faith.

Show notes:

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