Can “Freedom Conservatism” save a movement? With John Hood

Written by Defending Ideas

April 2, 2024

Do we need to reinvigorate the conservative movement, and is “Freedom Conservatism” the answer? This week’s Defending Ideas episode addresses both of those questions and helps equip listeners to apply long-standing American principles to what seem like intractable modern political and policy challenges. 

Nic Dunn is joined by John Hood, one of the leaders behind the Freedom Conservatism movement and a co-author of its statement of principles. John is also the president of the John William Pope Foundation and former president and board member for the John Locke Foundation, both based in North Carolina.

John articulates the vision of Freedom Conservatism, arguing that the American right still needs to stand for limited government, free enterprise, free speech, free trade, strong families, and a robust defense of American interests.

Show notes:

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