Sutherland supports education bill SB 91 – Acceptance of Competency-Based Amendments

February 6, 2019

The following email was sent to members of Utah’s legislative body Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019, from Christine Cooke, Sutherland Institute’s education policy director, prior to SB 91 being heard in committee:

Members of the House Education Standing Committee,

Sutherland Institute supports SB 91 – Acceptance of Competency-Based Amendments. I currently sit on the Competency Based Learning Review Committee that advises the Utah State Board of Education, and participated in the discussion that resulted in this recommendation.

The purpose of the language is to clarify that students who pursue competency-based education diplomas should have the same access to opportunities in higher education institutions as other high school graduates.

The shift towards competency-based education is a good one. We should continue to create policies that encourage rather than discourage this important, innovative shift. We encourage members of the House Education committee to vote in favor of SB 91.

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