By Sutherland Staff
Published on October 4, 2018

Sutherland President Rick Larsen released the following statement Thursday after the press conference on Utah’s Capitol Hill discussing medical marijuana policy in the state.

“Sutherland Institute is pleased to see that the complex and important issue of medical marijuana is back in the deliberative legislative process,” Larsen said.

“While the compromise proposal is not perfect, the emphasis on proper regulatory control of marijuana growth, processing and distribution – balanced against medical access within a framework of reasonable limits – is the right approach for Utah. We look forward to engaging on the issue to ensure the best policy outcome possible.

“Sutherland also applauds Gov. Gary Herbert for calling a special session in November to allow for further critical discussions.

“We are confident that with all parties at the table, Utah is on a safer path for children, families and potential medical marijuana patients than was possible under Proposition 2.”

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