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Utah: the center of American cultural renewal?

The arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding marriage raise an important question: In a country that seems to be undermining or outright abandoning the traditional social norms of marriage, faith and family in the law, where can the country turn for cultural growth and renewal? To put it differently, when marriage is redefined in […]


Obergefell v. Hodges: further commentary on historic case

In one of the most significant and potentially impactful issues the U.S. Supreme Court will consider this term and likely for several years, oral arguments were presented last week, April 28, in Obergefell v. Hodges, the same-sex marriage case. Initially heard by a federal district court in Ohio, the case was appealed to the Sixth […]

The resilience of family culture

By the time you hear this, oral arguments will have concluded at the Supreme Court regarding the definition of marriage. Talking heads everywhere will be predicting what the justices’ questions and the opposing lawyers’ performances mean for the court’s final decision, and most of these will be wrong. I mean, can anyone remember the pundit […]


KSL Radio: Sutherland’s new hire

(Mary Richards, KSL) Eric Moutsos says he requested a different assignment last June because of his religious beliefs, but was put on leave instead. He now is Manager of Development at the Sutherland Institute. He had been a Salt Lake City police officer for seven years. Listen to the radio spot at this link.  A longer […]

on point 4-27-15

On Point: Developing women leaders

Pat Jones and Trish Hatch, who lead the new Women’s Leadership Institute, join “Holly on the Hill” blogger Holly Richardson and Michelle Mumford, former assistant dean at BYU Law School, for this episode of On Point. The Women’s Leadership Institute, which will be formally launched on May 14, is working to encourage and train more […]


Are church walls meant to confine?

The current complexion of the debate about religious liberty has been shaped by three converging cultural streams: an increase in the size of government that has subjected increasing areas of public life to legal regulation, shrinking legal protections for religious liberty and acceptance of open hostility to religion. One obvious manifestation of this latter trend […]


ACLU suit tries to overturn reality

Last week, local news reported a lawsuit filed in federal court by Utah’s ACLU affiliate to force the state to recognize the same-sex spouse of a mother who conceived using “donor” sperm (these kinds of “donations” are typically paid for) from an anonymous man. The lawsuit points to a state law that allows the husband […]


Good servant, onerous master

A few weeks ago, the respected Utah Policy Daily online journal published an article wherein author Bob Bernick discussed a recent UPD/Dan Jones poll about the degree of trust citizens have in the different levels of government. About a third of all Utahns say the federal government affects their lives the most, Jones found. But, […]