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Can't stop laughing when they are together

Gene Wilder and the power of laughter

The world lost a charismatic and hilarious comedian, an audacious dreamer and a disciplined doer with the passing of Gene Wilder. His life, while not perfect, is instructive in that he understood the value of laughter, the power of dreaming and the requirement for doing. Rather than having a moment of silence for Mr. Wilder, […]

beach at sunset.

Obama quadruples size of national monument in Hawaii

Today, in a remarkable abuse of presidential power, President Obama grossly expanded the size of the Papahanaumokuakea National Monument off the coast of Hawaii. The expanded monument, which has more than quadrupled in size, is now 582,578 square miles, or more than twice the size of Texas. Such an extensive designation calls into question the […]

Low angle view of happy African American little girl having fun with her parents in nature during autumn and looking at camera.

How family structure affects black families, communities

In a series of articles recently published in The Daily Signal, Walter E. Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University, author and syndicated columnist, focuses on the impacts of parents and family structure on community and culture. Asserting his assessment of causes and effects on black families, youth and communities, Professor Williams presents data and perspective that underscore the […]


Pyrrhic victories and Potemkin villages

A Pyrrhic victory is a victory that inflicts such a toll on the victor that it amounts to defeat. The expression alludes to King Pyrrhus, who achieved a stunning defeat of the Romans in 279 B.C. but lost all of his best officers and many of his troops. After the battle King Pyrrhus declared, “Another such victory and we are lost.” Far too many, across the political spectrum, are pursuing Pyrrhic victories for their chosen cause while leaving a wake of division […]


Parents, public can speak up during comment period on school standards

Sutherland Institute believes it is crucial for the public to get involved in education policy, especially parents. It directly affects your students, and it affects us all. Early August marked the deadline for the 90-day public comment period on the Utah Secondary Social Studies Standards. I recently attended a Utah State Board of Education Standards […]


Sutherland statement on federal judge’s transgender bathroom ruling

Sweeping edicts from Washington polarize public opinion, force a one-size-fits-all approach, and prevent the kind of dialogue that enables local school districts to meet the needs of their individual students. Sutherland Institute welcomes the news that a federal judge in Texas has given the states a reprieve from the overreaching government mandate that schools give […]


Can we agree not to deprive people of their livelihoods?

Livelihood is an unusual word. It means, essentially, having the resources and ability to provide for one’s own needs. To lose your livelihood means that you cannot support yourself. This happens when someone loses the business they’ve run or can no longer pursue a vocation or profession. It is, of course, a great misfortune. The […]


The uncounted things that count the most

As summer wanes and the pressure-filled flurry of fall activities awaits, it is worth taking a moment today to exhale and evaluate. It is so easy in our fast-paced, get-it-done, get-ahead-now world to lose sight of what matters most. Albert Einstein wisely observed, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts […]


Latest Bears Ears poll transmits a false sense of security

Last week, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that a new Pew Charitable Trusts poll shows a slight majority of Utahns supports President Barack Obama in unilaterally designating the Bears Ears region as a national monument. The wording of the poll, however, is questionable. Benenson Strategy Group (BSG), contracted by Pew to conduct the poll, asked […]


State board stays strong on new route to teacher licensing

This morning the State Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of making effective the new route to teacher licensure—called Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Level 1 License. Sutherland Institute commends the board’s work on this issue. APT has drawn a lot of praise and criticism since it was first adopted in June. The rule […]