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Join us in a ‘Tweet Up’ celebrating #SchoolChoice TODAY!

When it comes to education, students deserve options. No two students are the same. Every student has specific needs, interests and potential. Parents and teachers know this. Students do too. It’s common sense. So why not allow students whatever opportunities will help them meet their unique potential? Many believe we can do better in offering […]

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Chaffetz is right – D.C. should not promote suicide

In November, the District of Columbia Council overwhelmingly approved a bill that would allow doctors to help patients commit suicide if doctors believed the person had six months or less to live. Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz announced last week that he will seek to have Congress overturn the law. Congress, of course, has this responsibility […]

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Don’t destroy public education – transform it

We don’t need the destruction of public education; we need a transformation of public education. With an eye toward individualization, every kid down every street in America must have the opportunity to learn in a way that unlocks his or her potential. I hope you share my exasperation with the strident voices at both ends […]


A glance at Utah’s Medicaid expansion

Activists have been pushing to expand Medicaid in Utah for some time now. Pressure to do so increased when a large portion of Obamacare was predicated on Medicaid expansion. Multiple legislative sessions in Utah held many debates – sometimes contentious – about whether the state should expand Medicaid, and if so, by how much. Full […]

Cody, Wyoming, USA - View across the rugged undulating rugged landscape of Buffalo Bill State park showing the rocky mountains  near Cody, Wyoming, USA. As can be seen the sagebrush thrives in this landscape despite the aridity and the fact that this shot was taken in the height of summer.

10 FAQs on the transfer of public lands

10 FAQs and resources The beginning of Utah’s 2017 legislative session should bring good news for Utah’s public lands. Rep. Keven Stratton (R-Orem) is introducing a resolution aimed at securing control of our public lands in the hands of those who know and love them the most – the people of Utah. For too long […]

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Utah ranks #1 for family prosperity

A joint project by Sutherland Institute and the American Conservative Union Foundation found Utah ranks first in the nation according to the Family Prosperity Index, or FPI. The FPI measures more than 50 of the economic and social factors that indicate family prosperity, including but not limited to marriage and divorce rates, crime rates, STD rates and household income. A […]


Good enough isn’t good enough

History is filled with once-thriving companies, communities and even countries that decided good enough was good enough. Today, the endless pursuit of maintaining the status quo of “good enough” works well for Washington politicians and insiders, but never ends well for hard-working Americans. While the distraction of political drama and infighting over the status quo […]

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Vision for Religious Freedom

True equality requires the protection of religious liberty. Religious freedom ensures equal treatment for all of God’s children. To understand the former, one need only contemplate the contradiction in values, morals and logic contained in this scenario: A demand for equality leads to legal protection of an individual’s right to their core belief and expression […]


How to tell when the light of a new day has come

The year 2016 was a year of derisive and demeaning rhetoric and dire predictions. It truly was a dark night of division for America. There is a critical need in our nation for all of us to let go of the darkness of the past and look to the light of a new day and […]


Sacred idleness

George McDonald, a Scotsman born in 1824, captured the challenges, pressure and pace of our modern society when he said, “Work is not always required of men and women. There is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected.” Incredibly, Mr. McDonald felt, way back in the 1800s, that […]