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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

While December 7, 1941, was a tragedy that lives forever in infamy, it was also an important hinge point in freedom’s history. Pearl Harbor galvanized Americans and freedom-loving people around the world to stand up and prove that might doesn’t equal right. The gates of history turn on small hinges, and those hinges turn on […]

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How leftist imperialists take advantage of corporate philanthropists

By Miriam Merrill In an unprecedented move, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia announced that 100 percent of its Black Friday sales this year would be donated to conservation efforts. Under this initiative, it received five times the revenue that it expected – over $10 million in sales, all going to environmental organizations. Impressive charitable pushes like […]

The home of former president of the USA George Washington. Wide angle view.

Washington was right about moving on

In the Broadway sensation Hamilton, the song “One Last Time” features President George Washington informing Alexander Hamilton that he will not run for a third term. Despite Hamilton’s pleading that that the father of the nation was simply irreplaceable, Washington responded with, “One last time The people will hear from me… And if we get […]

Giving a lecture about global warming

Is global warming real? Experts pick sides

Financial website WalletHub posed the question – Is global warming real? – to a panel of leading experts in related fields. Derek Monson, Sutherland Institute’s director of public policy, was among the respondents. He wrote: According to the most reliable temperature data (i.e., satellites), the globe has exhibited some warming in recent decades. There is […]

Istanbul, Turkey - September 18, 2015: Apple Iphone 6 screen with social media applications of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Periscope while a male finger is about to touch on Facebook app.

How social media makes you polarized

By Miriam Merrill It’s impossible to ignore the extreme political polarization in America. An article by Pew suggests that the values of the American people are more polarized now than at any time in the past 25 years. Of course it is possible to maintain civility and find common ground while defending one’s beliefs, but […]


Greeting your day with love and thanksgiving

Several years ago I had the chance to assist my mother-in-law, Joan Casper, in preparing her biography for printing. She was a great woman with an even grander soul. Despite her tiny frame, she was a powerhouse and whirling dervish of a worker, toiling alongside her husband, Bill, to wrestle – from the dry and barren […]

Mathemathics professor at chalkboard writing formula

Trump won. What’s next for education?

Trump won. What does this mean for education? The answer is – we’re not quite sure yet. At Sutherland Institute, we hope Trump respects the uniqueness of each individual’s God-given ability to learn and accomplish great things by re-empowering states with power to make education policy decisions; championing educational choice; and emphasizing parental involvement. Education […]

Portrait Of Farmer With Cattle

Western land use and federal land policy

Local input and multiple uses of our public lands lead to durable and robust economies. Sutherland Institute’s Matt Anderson joined KDXU talk radio in Cedar City, Utah on November 17, 2016. Listen to the full segment below.    


Finding hope in a 1K Donut Run

This week I found hope and perspective in an unlikely spot – a 1K Donut Run. Yes you heard that right – I was inspired at a 1K Donut Run. The length of the run is perfect, especially for the out-of-shape and doughnut-hungry types like me. Even better, most of the participants walk the course, […]


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Co-management of Bears Ears? Only if Congress gives OK

Extreme environmental groups have trumpeted for months that a presidentially designated Bears Ears national monument would provide Native Americans an opportunity to co-manage the region with the federal government, forming an equal partnership in decision making and administration. It would be an attractive option and a good solution – if only it were true. Unfortunately, […]