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LGBT advocates sue Utah schools

Local and national organizations have announced that they will pursue a federal lawsuit to change the curriculum of Utah schools on marriage and sexuality. A federal lawsuit – which prematurely ends the conversation – is not the way to address this issue. Most importantly, it prevents the participation of Utah parents, who have the primary […]


Understanding immigration in the 2016 election

Remarks prepared and given by Derek Monson, director of public policy for Sutherland Institute, at a panel discussion Oct. 17, at the University of Utah, on “Making Sense of the 2016 Elections.” I. Introduction to Sutherland Vision First I want to say thank you to the organizers of this event for giving me the opportunity […]


The power of kitchen-table conversations

The solution to any problem begins when someone says, “Let’s talk.” Many of the greatest moments in our nation’s history began not in the marbled halls of a government building, but in conversations around a kitchen table. We find ourselves in the midst of a barrage of bombastic and caustic rhetoric punctuated by personal putdowns, […]


Op-ed: Utahns will invest in education, but not in same old system

Originally published in The Salt Lake Tribune. The results of a recent survey from Envision Utah have been referenced as a sign that Utahns don’t understand public school funding. Some are pointing to that reading of the survey to make the case for raising income taxes on Utahns. From a strategic standpoint, this makes a […]

Bears Ears: A farmer’s story

Bears Ears: A farmer’s story

Elmer Hurst, a San Juan County farmer, opposes a national monument designation for the Bears Ears area. Elmer understands the meaning of hard work and knows all that is required to care for the land properly. Watch his story and help us amplify the locals’ voice by sharing this video on social media! Background: In […]

Want results in the fight against poverty? Create Earned Income Tax Credit

This article originally appeared in Deseret News on October 8, 2016. Authored by Derek Monson and Dr. Michael Strain How can we best help working families escape poverty? Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet answer to this difficult and critical question. But a good place for Utah to start is with ideas grounded in the conservative principles and values […]

Do United States politicians have integrity?

Do United States politicians have integrity?

In his first inaugural address in 1789, George Washington said he hoped “that the foundations of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality.” He called on “free government” to exemplify the attributes that will make its citizens proud and “command the respect of the world.” The kind […]

Politics Has Failed: America Will Not

‘Politics Has Failed: America Will Not’

On Monday in New York, Sutherland Institute was thrilled to announce our partnership with Scott Rasmussen to publish the second edition of his book In Search of Self-Governance. This book contains the kind of principles and patterns for governing our nation desperately needs. We are also looking forward to publishing Scott’s next book, Politics Has […]

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Sutherland Institute to launch new publishing imprint with 2 titles by Scott Rasmussen

NEW YORK CITY—At an event at The King’s College in Manhattan at noon EDT today, Sutherland Institute president Boyd Matheson will announce the Institute’s launch of its new publishing imprint with two Scott Rasmussen titles. The first book, the second edition of In Search of Self-Governance, is available today as an e-book on The […]

Come watch: State school board debates to start next week

State school board debates wrap up: Links to news coverage

The Utah Board of Education Debate series is finished! Next step: Election Day. Below you’ll find news coverage of the debates, which were hosted by the Utah Education Debate Coalition. The coalition is made up of the Utah Association for Public Charter Schools, The Hinckley Institute of Politics, Sutherland Institute, United Way of Salt Lake […]