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Facebook fallout is an opportunity to affirm Utah’s free market principles

With Facebook’s decision to locate its data center in New Mexico – bringing an end to the Facebook tax-break sweepstakes – the reflection (and in some cases, finger pointing) among political and economic development stakeholders has begun. No one should be celebrating the fact that a company chose not to bring new jobs to Utah, […]


District 11 state school board debate recap

Teacher pay, federal mandates, and excessive testing were among the topics on the minds of Erin Preston and Lisa Cummins, two state school board candidates from Herriman, who took the stage Tuesday evening in South Jordan in a debate for District 11. Cummins, who has experience advocating in the Legislature and elsewhere in opposition to […]

Never take no cutoffs

Never take no cutoffs

The world today seems obsessed with shortcuts. Everywhere you look there is someone either selling or searching for, a shortcut – with promises of a faster, quicker and easier way to health, happiness, wealth, freedom, prosperity, security and success. From celebrity pitchmen and powerful promoters to charismatic mavens with fast-acting serums and slick saleswomen with […]

Scenic image of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona in the evening light with an old tree in the foreground

Bears Ears: Will tourism be placed over preservation?

By Miriam Merrill For years the National Park Service has struggled to determine what its priorities are. Recreation, preservation and conservation seem to be in a constant three-way tug-of-war vying for the Park Service’s attention. While fairly innocuous on the surface, this struggle often threatens the very resources the federal agency is working to protect. Let’s […]

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What’s next for family policy?

(Part 1 of 2) Before the U.S. Supreme Court acted to end the national debate over the meaning of marriage last year, a prominent feature was a dispute over the meaning of history – specifically the fact that marriage had been understood virtually universally as the union of a husband and wife across time and […]

Stand on principle and ignore the unsteady bandwagons

Stand on principle and ignore the unsteady bandwagons

In an age of instant fads and viral trends, those with the ability to stay the course and avoid the constant jumping on and off of the latest and greatest bandwagon will be those who win the day. People have become so fickle and flighty in reacting to changing public opinion that I am now […]


Join ‘Founding Fathers’ to celebrate Constitution Day

Next Saturday, September 17, the Constitution Day Committee of Utah will host an uplifting and informative presentation by nationally recognized U.S. Constitution historian and scholar, David Barton – and America’s Founding Fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Peter Muhlenberg and William Bradford! What: 10th Annual Constitution Day Celebration 2016 When: Saturday, September 17, 2016 […]

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Testimony regarding R277-409 (athletic transfers rule)

Testimony prepared by Christine Cooke, Sutherland Institute education policy analyst, for the Utah State Board of Education Law and Licensing Committee and the Standards and Assessment Committee regarding R277-409 (Public School Membership in Associations): Thank you to the Committee Chair, Sutherland believes education is about the individual student. We believe that education policy should support a parent’s […]

Come watch: State school board debates to start next week

Come watch: State school board debates to start next week

The Utah Education Debate Coalition is excited to kick off the Utah State Board of Education General Election Debate Series next week in St. George. The newly named coalition was formed by the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, Sutherland Institute,, Hinckley Institute, and United Way of Salt Lake to bring voters a series […]

Top 5 shenanigans by environmentalists

Bears Ears: Top 5 shenanigans by environmentalists

1. Collusion: Investigative journalism conducted by the Deseret News confirmed reports of behind-the-scenes, coordinated efforts between environmental groups, out-of-state tribal leaders, and big money from California to bring about the proposed 1.9-million-acre Bears Ears National Monument. Take a look at our most recent video for a quick rundown of the facts. 2. Obfuscation: Interior Secretary […]