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Burke’s ‘armed doctrines,’ ideologues, and Title IX

Central to the conservative critique of revolutionary movements is Edmund Burke’s charge that they promote “armed doctrines,” ideological principles imposed without reference to longstanding practice, current realities or countervailing principles. These are promoted by ideologues who “seek to impose on society and government an unvarying formula that is presented as the answer to every problem […]


Section 1332 waiver still embraces drawbacks of Obamacare

Recently, gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson called on Utah policymakers to pursue a section 1332 waiver under Obamacare to address the problem of the coverage gap. As another of Obamacare’s empty promises, this waiver represents unreasonable, bad policy that Utah policymakers should avoid. On the surface, a section 1332 waiver seems to offer both flexibility and […]


Alternatives to 4-year degree are multiplying in Utah

Have a career in mind? You might not need a four-year degree to get there. Utah has been developing creative options for residents to earn post-secondary credentials and find gainful careers. It seems likely this trend will continue. Last week United Way of Salt Lake, the Salt Lake Chamber, Prosperity 2020 and the Utah Governor’s […]


Strong families, prosperous states

Three weeks ago, Sutherland Institute was pleased to host and conduct the ninth World Congress of Families, in Salt Lake City. During the four-day conference, held for the first time in the United States, attendees received a wealth of information and perspective about the many issues confronting families in today’s world as well as insights […]


All-day kindergarten in Utah? Research results are mixed

We all agree that educational success needs to be within reach of every child, but some debate whether seven hours a day of public schooling — also known as all-day kindergarten — helps reach this aim. On Oct. 29 the Education Interim Committee unanimously adopted two all-day kindergarten proposals as committee bills. This means that […]


‘Clear scientific consensus’ on child well-being?

A report on an ongoing dispute over a foster placement contains this interesting assertion from an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union: “There is a clear scientific consensus that children of same-sex parents fare no differently than their peers.” While Sutherland Institute has no position on the foster placement, we are interested in factually […]


How do we successfully fight poverty? Some answers

As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute gave testimony to Congress’s House Budget Committee recently on the topic of reducing poverty. The scholar’s story is a fascinating one. His name is Robert Doar, and he gained his expertise on the issue of poverty by working for 18 years […]


A ‘Cyclone’ that helped keep our country free

This coming Wednesday, Nov. 11, grateful Americans will again observe Veterans Day. Initially a commemoration of the armistice that concluded “The Great War” – World War I – on “the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” in 1918, Veterans Day has become a day of remembrance “…in order that a grateful […]


Mulling the ethics of gamete donation

In the immediate wake of the Supreme Court decision on marriage, it became clear that a push for “family equality” is likely to be the next step. This would entail new laws and policies that require “eras[ing] cultural and legal attachments to biological, dual-gender parenting.” A proponent of this change recognizes the marriage decision as […]