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What an education savings account can do for your student

Each student has unique educational needs. Students, parents and teachers know this, but our school system doesn’t always reflect it. Wouldn’t it be nice if parents could customize education to fit the unique needs of each student? Starting in 2011, some states have implemented a funding mechanism to help customize education—these are called education savings […]


What’s really behind the pursuit of happiness

When justifying our own selfish or self-indulgent behavior, many Americans readily recite the Declaration of Independence’s most famous passage regarding our right to pursue happiness. Few of us recognize the true meaning or intent of the “pursuit of happiness” phrase Thomas Jefferson so carefully and purposefully placed into the heart and soul of the Declaration […]

6 myths about the proposed Bears Ears National Monument

Misconceptions and rumors are circulating around the proposed designation of a Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah. Proponents of the monument have hurled unsubstantiated promises and propaganda at the people of Utah in an attempt to push through their agenda. The Coalition for Self-Government in the West and Sutherland Institute examine here six such claims […]


Uncle Sam wants you … to conform, now

On Friday, May 13, in a move simultaneously appalling, consistent in pattern, and egregiously disrespectful and dismissive of active judicial proceedings, The Obama administration told U.S. public school districts across the country on Friday to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity, rather than their gender at birth. … Officials […]

Legal backgrounder: The Obama administration’s attempt to rewrite Title IX

When Congress enacted Title IX in 1972, it did not intend to give the president or executive agencies a blank check to write dramatically new social policy. That, however, is precisely what the administration is doing today by announcing that it has reinterpreted that statute to require schools to create new policies on restroom use, […]


Put Common Core clamor aside: Let’s talk about educational standards

Education, which represents two-thirds of our state budget and is vital to our future, continues to be front and center in Utah’s political and policy debates. It is worthy of our attention and our best efforts to engage in serious, meaningful dialogue. I am convinced that a marketplace of educational options and a culture that […]