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The road to happiness

Politics has been important from the founding of our nation – but strong individuals and community-driven solutions regularly serve us better than our political parties. With both political parties holding their conventions over the next two weeks there will be an overload of analysis in the media. So this week’s Principle Matters is going to […]

Bears Ears attendees

Are radical environmentalists trying to dupe Sec. Jewell?

On Saturday, thousands gathered at the Bluff Community Center in Southeastern Utah to share their opinion on the proposed Bears Ears National Monument with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and other visiting federal officials. As local San Juan County residents arrived, they were met by 100-degree temperatures, signs for and against the monument, and a large […]


Sutherland statement on Regional Transmission Operation Proposal

Testimony presented by Stan Rasmussen, Sutherland Institute director of public affairs, on July 13, 2016, before the Public Utilities, Energy and Technology Interim Committee of the Utah Legislature, regarding a regional power grid. Thank you, Mr. Chair, and members of the committee. Stan Rasmussen, with Sutherland Institute. This afternoon, I am filling in for our policy […]

court gavel scales

Proximate cause and the Planned Parenthood ruling

Two of three judges on a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled this week that the state of Utah could not cancel contracts with the Utah affiliate of Planned Parenthood. The dissenting judge pointed out that the majority relied solely on “circumstantial evidence” in determining the governor was trying […]


Principle Matters

Today I am pleased to announce that we are changing the name of the “Sutherland Soapbox” to “Principle Matters.” The change reflects Sutherland’s efforts to shift our focus from Boston-style, Revolutionary battles of what we are against, to a more compelling Philadelphia vision of what we are for – rooted in the principles outlined by […]


The specter of assisted suicide

During the Legislature’s monthly interim meetings to be held today, July 13, on Utah’s Capitol Hill, the Health and Human Services Committee will discuss a topic of increasing interest – and deep concern: assisted suicide. Beginning at 12:50 p.m., in Room 445 at the state Capitol, the committee will hear from individuals and organizations that […]

headshot photo Joe Kerry

Sutherland Institute announces changes to Board of Trustees

Sutherland Institute announced today changes to its Board of Trustees. Effective immediately, Utah attorney Steve Densley will be stepping down from the board, while Joseph Kerry, a Philadelphia-based managing partner of a strategic social media marketing company, will join the board as a trustee. “We thank Steve for his dedicated service to Sutherland during a […]


Why does Utah have a teacher shortage? It has to do with freedom

An educator sitting next to me laughed as officials at a joint Education Interim Committee and State Board of Education meeting last month scoured statistics trying to figure out why teachers leave the profession. He told me it’s simply because they are so overburdened and still want time for their families. With this in mind, […]

Dallas, Louisiana, Minnesota—and you

To see Boyd Matheson deliver this via a Facebook Live video, click here. The horrific and senseless scenes from the tragedy in Dallas, combined with officer-involved deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana, bring us as a nation to stand in front of the mirror of evaluation.  Questions will be rightly raised in the days ahead about race […]


The man who would not be king: Why Washington was an authentic leader

For any and every would-be leader, the date of December 23, 1783, is a day worth noting, remembering and studying. On that day, in the ultimate act of authentic leadership, General George Washington resigned his commission before the Continental Congress. In one of the few instances in history, the commander of the conquering forces did […]