Sutherland on KSLNewsRadio: Rediscover civics education

Written by Rick B. Larsen

June 24, 2021


There is a difference between uninformed, misinformed and disinformed.  None are ideal in preserving self-government. Voices from the past and present — including those who created our form of government — have warned that the survival of self-governance depends on educated and engaged citizens.

Today 32% of us cannot identify the supreme court as part of the judicial branch of government. 32 percent! 25% of Americans think that the concept of checks and balances allows for eliminating the supreme court if it makes too many decisions that aren’t in “their favor.”

It’s time we resume teaching nonpoliticized facts and truths about America’s form of government, and how it has kept us freer than any other nation in the world. It’s time to rediscover a more robust civics education.

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