By Sutherland Staff
Published on February 9, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Sutherland Institute Executive Director Derek Monson released the following statement in response to HB 195 “Medical Cannabis Policy” which passed out of the Utah House of Representatives:  

“When properly balanced and combined, compassion and sound principles connect to produce practical policy ideas that make way for community-driven solutions,” Monson said. “As an example of this approach, HB 195 contains sound public policy and we applaud its passage in the House.

“The vast majority of Utahns agree that we need to help those with terminal or life-threatening health conditions. HB 195 seeks to do so by allowing limited application of cannabis in a right-to-try manner for individuals who are terminally ill. While marijuana is not medicine by any medical definition of the term (because we lack medical knowledge about its proper uses, dosing and prescribing standards), it is both reasonable and respectful of the unalienable right to life to offer medical leeway to those whose lives are coming to an end. We urge members of the Utah Senate to pass this legislation.”


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