President’s letter: We will prevail

Written by Rick B. Larsen

March 17, 2020

Dear friend:

Current events are proving to test even the calmest of nerves. Day by day, the news becomes a little more troubling, disruptions to our lives more frequent and grocery store shelves barer.

For a policy think tank, these times present a unique opportunity to analyze, assess and consider policy decisions. As power moves from federal to state to local agencies, we see the true importance of local leadership – as well as the irreplaceable role communities must play in addressing their own needs.

Although we are postponing Sutherland events and scheduled gatherings, we are hard at work seeking to inform wise decision-making today and working to ensure that when this crisis passes – and it will pass – we as a state and nation emerge stronger. Government interventions, however justified today, should not overstay their welcome. At times like these, this policy research is needed more than ever.

You can keep current on our work by visiting our website, following our Facebook page, and subscribing to our newsletter. At historic moments, it is important to look ahead and consider how decisions made today will impact policy areas – like public health, economic growth and the size of government – down the road.

Beyond this analysis, our team is doing exactly what you are doing. We are concerned about our families, our neighbors, a state we call home, and a nation we love. We are here to help. If that means acting as a clearinghouse for helping neighbors, sharing your thoughts and ideas, or answering questions you may have, we are here. I encourage you to reach out.
Utahns always rise above challenges, no matter how dire. We will rise above this one. Immunity will develop, supply chains and economies will adapt, education will evolve, and markets will recover. We simply need to do what we do best: stay calm, trust ourselves and each other, be careful and prepared – and believe in the certainty that we will prevail. 

I’d also like to express gratitude to the Sutherland team, a dedicated board of directors, and the many scholars, leaders and elected officials we are honored to work with every day. And thanks to you – for engaging, for supporting us, and for living the principles that make us free and prosperous. Please let me know if there is anything that Sutherland can do for you.


Rick B. Larsen
President and CEO
Sutherland Institute

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