By Sutherland Staff
Published on December 4, 2018

Rick B. Larsen, Sutherland Institute president, released the following statement after the passing of former president, George H.W. Bush:

“People of all political views are respectfully commenting on the passing of George H.W. Bush. It is telling that today we look back with such respect – and even longing – for the tone and character embodied in President Bush. Sutherland joins in paying deserved tribute to a man who understood that his term of service was a temporary privilege – one that was about far more than his own ambition and legacy. He consistently sought consensus and placed the public good over personal political victory. He represented a character and ethic that some feel is a relic of the past. The most fitting tribute of all would be to ensure that this is not the case. We thank President Bush for his service to our country.

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