Peter Reichard

Chief Development Officer

Peter Reichard oversees Sutherland Institute’s fundraising operations as Chief Development Officer. 

Peter brings wide-ranging expertise in nonprofit management, communications and public policy work. Over the past two decades, Peter has held leadership positions at policy-oriented nonprofits in Louisiana, Utah, and nationally. He has also worked as a policy consultant for business leaders. Peter’s tenure as president of the Utah Foundation yielded unprecedented productivity, outreach and financial stability. Most recently, he served as an executive with the national Center for Independent Employees, where he launched a program to build the organization’s profile and funding base; he continues to assist CIE as a strategic advisor. 

Earlier in his career, Peter worked as an editor at a major daily newspaper and as managing editor of a business weekly. He has published regularly in a variety of local and national publications, including the Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune and The Federalist. His body of work runs the gamut from economic issues and government reform to cultural topics and reporting from a war zone in the former Yugoslavia. 

Peter has served on various state and national boards and commissions focused on business, economics, education and governmental research. He holds degrees from Loyola University (BA) and Fordham University (MA), where his research centered on our nation’s founding.