Sutherland Institute is sending out to the nation the sound of the certain trumpet of principles and policies while also providing a window in where all can come and see what happens when these principles and policies are properly applied.

The American people are starving for elevated dialogue, searching for uplifting ideas and striving to find hope in heroes worthy of emulation. As always, a look back in history provides a clear vision of what is needed for the difficult days ahead.

When we honor those who have paid the ultimate price while standing for the principles of freedom, we rightly reference the words of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, that “they gave the last full measure of devotion.” We often miss, however, Lincoln’s powerful and immediate pivot to the future – to us. In the crescendo and cadence of freedom he called on our better angels saying it is “for us the living,” that “we be here dedicated,” that “we take increased devotion” and above all, that “we here highly resolve!”

Lincoln recognized that that those he honored had already done their part and passed their test. He knew the real question was whether each of us would be highly resolved to do our individual duty.

In these challenging times our children should never have to strain to discern our commitment to freedom nor should our grandchildren have to wonder what we believe or what we have committed to do. Our communities need more highly resolved men and women who care about creating better neighborhoods and a better nation.

The question of our commitment is simple. As Lincoln asked – Will we take increased devotion to the principles that have fostered the greatest civilization the world has ever known? Will we be so dedicated to the unfinished work and the task before us? Will we be as highly resolved to cause of freedom as those who have gone before?

New Birth of Freedom

They didn’t have to, you know.
That Revolution
That Declaration that all men are created equal
That law for the people and by the people and of the people rules supreme, not a king
That freedom to believe and imagine and pursue your dreams with small steps or giant leaps
That freedom to speak and sing and write and create without fear
That freedom to try and fail, grow and build, question and explore, share and lift
They didn’t have to do that.
But they did.
And we took it, we the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free
And we breathed.
And we ran, daring to scale the greatest heights of human achievement.
This is who we are.
This land.
This people.
We stumble, yes.
But we get up so we can give to our children and their children this gift, this happiness
This new birth of freedom.

For all of us at Sutherland Institute, thank you for your highly resolved commitment to the principles of liberty and we invite you to join us on a journey toward a new birth of freedom.


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