Defending Enterprise with Beth Akers: How to approach 2024 campaign rhetoric on the economy

Written by Defending Ideas

October 24, 2023

This week’s episode of Defending Ideas brings you another installment of our feature segment: Defending Enterprise, with contributor and AEI Senior Fellow Beth Akers.

Beth joins Nic Dunn to provide listeners with a guide to what candidates for office in 2024 might say about the economy – and how voters can stay focused on policy proposals that support and defend our free enterprise system. Beth dives into the causes and responses to ongoing inflation, including the role of deficit spending and whether current efforts to create a “soft landing” are working. She also touches on economic issues that often find their way into campaign rhetoric, including free trade vs. protectionism, whether raising taxes on businesses and the wealthy is wise, and how we ought to view issues like the minimum wage and immigration with respect to their impacts on the workforce.

Show notes:

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