The Sutherland Dream is that we will promote principled patterns for governing and implement public policies that will be the envy of, and set a standard for, the nation.

From Utah’s laboratory of democracy, Sutherland Institute will sound the certain trumpet out to the country: the call of proven principles and effective policies. At the same time, we will provide a window in for all to see a Philadelphia vision in action.

Sutherland Institute is pursuing the path to “A New Birth of Freedom” for America through:

  • A free market economy
  • Civil society
  • Community-driven solutions.

Thought leadership, compelling research and strategic communication will enable Sutherland Institute to passionately promote and defend:

  • Empowering Principles
  • Elevated Dialogue
  • Enlightened Public Policy
  • Engaged Citizens


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Together we will promote and protect the free market, civil society and community-driven solutions. Join the fight to protect what’s right!