The Sutherland Dream is that we will promote principled patterns for governing and implement public policies that will be the envy of, and set a standard for, the nation.

From Utah’s laboratory of democracy, Sutherland Institute will sound the certain trumpet out to the country: the call of proven principles and effective policies. At the same time, we will provide a window in for all to see a Philadelphia vision in action.

Sutherland Institute is pursuing the path to “A New Birth of Freedom” for America through:

  • A free market economy
  • Civil society
  • Community-driven solutions.

Thought leadership, compelling research and strategic communication will enable Sutherland Institute to passionately promote and defend:

  • Empowering Principles
  • Elevated Dialogue
  • Enlightened Public Policy
  • Engaged Citizens

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2016 Year In Review

2016 was a momentous year in the 21-year history of Sutherland as the Institute welcomed new president Boyd Matheson. Guided by the vision of Sutherland founder Gaylord Swim, Boyd and the staff are energetically pursuing A New Birth of Freedom for Utah and the country.

Within these pages you will begin to get a sense of what a next generation think tank is and what it can do. Sutherland is demonstrating how to deliver a communication strategy that is as strong and robust as our policy strategy. Cutting-edge communication and effective policy, based on empowering principles, are necessary to change hearts and minds and foster stronger communities and a better country.

The Sutherland Vision

Boston to Philadelphia

The original Boston Tea Party was really nothing more than a protest against the kind of government the colonists did not want. (A big oppressive government that taxed them too much, regulated too aggressively, and was much too intrusive in their lives. Sound familiar?) So they protested.
But had those early patriots stopped at just protesting against the kind of government they did not want, the Boston Tea Party would not have been even a footnote in history. It would have been just one more angry mob protesting against a big oppressive government.
Fortunately for all of us, the founders of this nation pressed forward from Boston – and their protest against the government they didn’t want – all the way to Philadelphia, where in 1787 they created, in the Constitution, the kind of government they did want.


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