By P. Mero

As the The Huffington Post reported recently, immigration reform will be at the top of the post-inauguration agenda for Senate Democrats, emboldened by last week’s elections. It is also critical for conservative Republicans to stand behind this central American issue.

I am the leader of the most conservative public policy group in Utah, Sutherland Institute. I also helped lead the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

Why? What is “conservative” about comprehensive immigration reform? Why would a conservative political group risk offending its loyal base of support over such a third-rail issue? More importantly, why should other conservative political organizations, especially other state-based think tanks, pick up the gauntlet and follow our example in pressing for intelligent, comprehensive immigration reform?

The short answer is that it is the right thing to do, and the prudent thing to do – meaning it’s the conservative thing to do, if you are an authentic conservative.

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