The Center for Limited Government


Sutherland Institute’s Center for Limited Government exists to protect freedom and prosperity by promoting limited government in Utah.

Fundamentally, a free and prosperous Utah requires accountability from its people. This means that every Utahn should seek to solve their own problems and work voluntarily with their neighbors to solve community problems; that every Utahn should well-understand the principles of limited, constitutional government and seek to abide by them; and, that every Utahn should support public policies that limit government spending, the role of government programs in our lives, the authority we delegate to governments, and the physical and legal expansion of governmental presence.

Key Areas of Focus for The Center for Limited Government

  • Reduce the role and influence of the federal government in the lives of Utahns
  • Eliminate government competition with the private sector
  • Encourage sound tax policies that benefit Utah’s families and promote a strong state economy
  • End the government spending bias
  • Promote accountability and transparency at all levels of government
  • End taxpayer subsidies of private companies
  • Avoid unnecessary government regulation