By Sutherland Staff

Earlier accomplishments included the following:

  • Tempered public employee unions by halting political action contributions through direct deductions from state payrolls.
  • Brought Utah values to a complex issue by establishing a prudent approach to addressing Utah’s undocumented population. By helping craft the Utah Compact, Sutherland was instrumental in defeating a harsh Arizona-style approach, and developing a more tolerant and inclusive solution.
  • Stood for religious liberty by protecting the meaning of marriage in Utah and calling for a constitutional amendment defining marriage to be between a man and a woman.
  • Empowered parental control of children’s education by creating Utah Schools at a Glance, a website ranking public, charter and private schools based on academic achievement and environmental factors.
  • Improved public education by pursuing passage of a statewide program that allows children to personalize their education through online learning.
  • Encouraged school choice by allowing charter school, private school and home school students to participate in sports, music and arts programs at local public high schools if such programs are not available at their school of choice.
  • Brought civility and principle to dialogue around the “gay-rights” agenda in Utah by successfully opposing the “Common Ground Initiative” and by publishing a book titled Preserving Sacred Ground, which lays out a pro-marriage approach to same-sex politics.
  • Strengthened government transparency and accountability by helping pass legislation that created the state’s financial transparency website,
  • Encouraged government efficiency and accountability through legislation requiring that new programs or services establish and achieve performance goals in order to maintain taxpayer funding.
  • Protected public trust in government by informing legislative sound ethics reforms policies.
  • Hosted the award-winning Transcend Series (three consecutive Best of State Awards), designed to help civic leaders to become better informed, equipped and skilled to represent and serve their communities.
  • Protected private, community-based health care solutions through a resolution establishing authentic charity care as a part of the state’s public policy for caring for our neighbors in need.
  • Worked with citizens and elected officials to prevent significant property tax hikes and imprudent nondiscrimination ordinances.
  • Defended Utah’s political culture regarding reasonable, civil and constructive citizenship through the defense of conservative principles such as freedom and the importance of family.


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