By David Buer

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivered an incisive and well-received speech yesterday covering several topics at the Republican National Convention. I would like to highlight just one gem about immigration. Rice’s view on immigration closely matches what Sutherland has long advocated: a policy that ensures public safety, protects freedom and promotes economic prosperity.

Rice said:

We must continue to welcome the world’s most ambitious people to be a part of us.  In that way, we stay young and optimistic and determined.  We need immigration laws that protect our borders, meet our economic needs, and yet show that we are a compassionate nation of immigrants.

Earlier in her speech, Rice described the benefits of such an immigration policy:

More than at any other time in history, greatness is built on mobilizing human potential and ambition.  We have always done that better than any country in the world.  People have come here from all over because they have believed our creed of opportunity and limitless horizons.

They have come here from the world’s most impoverished nations just to make a decent wage.  And they have come here from advanced societies as engineers and scientists that fuel the knowledge-based revolution in the Silicon Valley of California, in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, along Route 128 in Massachusetts, in Austin, Texas, and across this great land.

Sutherland Institute encourages Utah to continue to perfect its immigration policy based on accountability, safety and humanity. As for the political parties, we encourage any and all to heed Rice’s words and look to Utah as an example of sensible immigration policy.

To see a video of Rice’s excellent speech, click here.


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