Our Processes


How a free society functions is as important as the principles that make it free. Sutherland also must focus on the processes of a healthy democracy. Principles are meaningless if responsible citizens don’t know how to apply them effectively day-to-day. For this reason, Sutherland provides elected officials, community leaders, and the electorate with the tools of responsible citizenship. We reach out to attract responsible citizens and give them the proper tools to influence their family, neighbors, and political representatives in protecting the cause of freedom.

Sutherland’s “theory of action” is to directly interact with and constructively influence Utah’s state and local decision makers and to invite responsible citizens to help leverage this work.

The Institute is only interested in effective change — and truly effective change most often occurs through personal contacts: one-one-one or small group opportunities to meet with decision makers and responsible citizens. Sutherland uses its stable of resources to reach the hearts and minds of individuals.

Legislative Efforts

Sutherland Institute works closely with Utah’s local and state elected officials to promote sound public policy. The results of our efforts are summarized in annual legislative scorecards, which show our position on key bills and how legislators voted.

2015 scorecard
2014 scorecard
2013 scorecard
2012 scorecard


Sutherland’s stable of policy analysts has deep experience with a wide variety of public policy issues related to our seven governing principles. Because Sutherland does not accept government or corporate grants, our research is well respected throughout the state and country for its accuracy, independence and authenticity.


The Institute places a heavy emphasis on reaching out to Utahns and elected officials to increase understanding of critical principles and issues confronting our state. With dialogue based on reason and fact, Sutherland is able to elevate political discourse with citizens, grassroots organizations and elected officials.

Speaking Engagements

Sutherland staff speaks to groups throughout Utah, including Rotary clubs, Chambers of Commerce, city councils and other small-group settings. We share our research and analysis as we engage in productive dialogue on a variety of public policy topics. To schedule a member of Sutherland’s team to speak to your group, please email SI@sutherlandinstitute.org.