The Center for Educational Progress


The Center for Educational Progress exists to promote education policies that emphasize parental involvement and innovations to meet the unique needs of every child.

Obtaining a quality education necessary to civilize youth, inspire effective citizenship, and maintain freedom requires informed and direct parental involvement and, very often, deep community support. Parents must be called upon and challenged to exercise their fundamental liberty interest to provide for the upbringing and education of their children – theirs is a prior right and must receive deference in Utah law and policy. Local control of Utah’s public schools must trump the efforts of special interests to control the manner and substance of education. Effective education policies will move away from the antiquated practices of standardization, toward the realization that each child is a unique learner, and that only modern technologies and diverse pedagogies will meet the needs of all children.

Key Areas of Focus for The Center for Educational Progress

  • Encourage parental involvement and responsibility
  • Expand educational opportunities for struggling students and their families
  • Reduce the influence of special interests — especially unions and administrative associations
  • Promote citizenship through character and civic education
  • Protect the fundamental liberty interest of parents
  • Encourage the use of new and innovative technologies to transcend mediocrity
  • Promote student mobility within a seamless system of schooling options
  • End the practice of standardized assessments and “one-size-fits-all” learning
  • Encourage innovative, flexible, and accountable local governance and financing
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