By Christine Cooke
Published on August 8, 2017

Next up in our You Got Schooled series is Itineris Early College High School. Itineris is a charter school with a unique approach to education – blending high school and college into one program – allowing students to earn up to two years of college credit by the time they graduate.

Itineris is unique not only for offering more college courses, but because the whole environment is catered to these higher education opportunities. Itineris offers a huge cost savings for coursework and follows the community college academic calendar.

During our visit, students were reading at tables or study nooks across the school while they waited for their next class to start. While about two-thirds of the students graduate with an associate degree, all the students get an early taste of post-secondary schooling.

Educators also have a unique experience. Teachers are often adjunct professors. They sit in a faculty room with individual desks for students to visit rather than staying in their classrooms. As a former public school teacher in Utah, it is not surprising to me that many teachers want to work in this environment. Itineris is not only rethinking education for students, it’s innovating the teaching profession.

Itineris gives students an important educational option – an opportunity to get a head start on college coursework and a test run in post-secondary skills. Many students are looking for this choice, and we believe they should have it.

From Itinieris Early College High School and Sutherland Institute, You Got Schooled.

Christine Cooke works as a policy analyst for Sutherland Institute’s Center for Educational Progress. Christine has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in English Teaching and graduated from Arizona State University with a law degree. Prior to joining Sutherland Institute, Christine was an English teacher at a public junior high school and a residential treatment center. As a student attorney in the Arizona State University Juvenile Advocacy Clinic, Christine represented clients in juvenile law proceedings and taught community legal education to high school students. She worked in legal and policy research with the legal counsel for the Arizona Office of the Governor, legal counsel for Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, the Goldwater Institute, and The Heritage Foundation. Christine has made appearances on Fox-13 News and KSL’s Sunday Edition and is regularly featured in regional publications and radio shows. She currently sits on a state committee that advises the Utah State Board of Education on specific education issues. When in her home state of Arizona, she loves to spend time with her family. She also loves music, hiking, and making cookies.


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