Confessions of a Climate Conservative

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Rep. John Curtis is passionate about climate issues and has been ever since his time as mayor of Provo. As a member of Utah’s congressional delegation, he sponsored bipartisan legislation addressing climate change and expressed the need for innovative research and solutions that would not only be beneficial to Americans but have a global impact. Rep. Curtis will discuss what it’s like to be a climate conservative and the climate issues we are facing today.

“I regret the stereotypes that are often formed around this issue: Somehow, all Republicans hate the environment and all Democrats are alarmists. I don’t believe either of those stereotypes are true. I would like to really emphasize how important it is that as members of Congress, we are personally doing what we can do before we ask other people to do it. The second thing is to remember the power of local government in solving this problem, and make sure we’re empowering them and not ignoring them.”

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