3 reasons schools should make their own transgender policies

Vision for Religious Freedom

Psychiatric Disorders

These researchers analyze data from the US National Comorbidity Survey and find that the proportion of married mothers who exhibit psychiatric disorders relative to separated or divorced mothers is sm…
Mental health profiles among married, never-married, and separated/divorced mothers in a nationally representative sample. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 41 (2): 122-9.

General Health

Using data from the Australian longitudinal Negotiating the Lifecourse study, these researchers find that married women report significantly better health than cohabiting or previously married women. …
Family, work, health: The impact of marriage, parenthood, and employment on self-reported health of Australian men and women. Journal of Sociology 21 (1): 61-78.

Financial Resources and Partner Relationships

Using data from US women who recently gave birth, these researchers find that on average married mothers report more financial resources and have about 2 more years of education than either single or …
Mother-infant relationship in single, cohabiting, and married families: A case for marriage? Journal of Family Psychology 18 (1): 5-18.

Domestic Violence and Victimization

These researchers study data from the National Crime Victimization Survey and find that the rate of domestic violence for mothers with children (per thousand) is 51% lower for mothers who have ever be…
Marriage: Still the safest place for women and children. Heritage Foundation Backgrounder (1732): 1-4.

Domestic Violence

Studying data from the National Survey of Families and Households, this researcher finds that women who work part-time are more likely to experience domestic violence than women who do not work outsid…
Soft patriarchs, new men: How Christianity shapes fathers and husbands. University of Chicago Press: Chicago.