Sutherland Institute responds to cancellation of DACA

Testimony in support of HB 294 2nd Substitute (Utah Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self-Sufficiency Tax Credit)

Collective bargaining means less-affordable services for taxpayers

o you think paying 12 percent more for a house than you need to is a good idea? What about when it comes to services provided by state and local government employees? Economists at Miami (Ohio) University and Trinity University[i] analyzed a sample of 847 public employees for Sutherland Institute. Their analysis found that a […]

The myth of the gender wage gap, part 2

ast summer, I wrote about a 2009 government-financed research report which provided evidence that the so-called “gender wage gap” – the idea that women get paid less than men because of baseless discrimination – is largely a myth. The body of evidence supporting that position continues to grow. Recently, I came across an article published […]