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Work/Family Commitments

These researchers study data from the Negotiating the Lifecourse longitudinal study and find that there are significant differences between how work and family commitments operate for men and women. S…
Family, work, health: The impact of marriage, parenthood, and employment on self-reported health of Australian men and women. Journal of Sociology 21 (1): 61-78.

Time Spent With Children

Using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Time Use Survey, this researcher finds that men and women tend to allocate time differently with their children. Men on average spend almost 8 hours…
Does father care mean fathers share? A comparison of how mothers and fathers in intact families spend time with children. Gender and Society 20 (April): 259-81.

Stress From Work-Home Relationship

Using survey data from dual-earner families in Israel, this study finds that women on average reported significantly higher levels of perceived stress from the work-home relationship and more frequent…
Strategies for managing home-work conflict and psychological well-being among Jews and Arabs in Israel: The impact of sex and sociocultural context. Families in Society 85 (1): 139-48.

Nurturing of Children

The researchers in this report find that when parents in two-parent married households develop complementary and supportive roles and responsibilities in the home, children tend to receive better nurt…
Family pediatrics. Pediatrics 111 (6): 1541-53.

Socialization and Sex Typing

These researchers review past research on sex typing between the years 1974 and 1997, finding that sex typing has remained constant during this period despite increased social pressure to minimize gen…
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