Born and raised in #SanJuanCounty, I am a hunter, a mother, a business manager that manufactures green building materials, and a business degree holder.  I am part Native American.  I am not a Republican, a Democrat, or a Mormon—Nor does any of this matter!  I am a person with a deep love for #BearsEars and the surrounding area.

I am passionate about this land and will support the people that live off of this land.  I am tired of others not understanding our way of life, judging our lifestyle choices and comparing them to theirs.  I am tired of seeing people used as pawns.  I survive off of this land, as I’m teaching my children to survive off of this land.  This is not my backdoor recreational outlet. The more people and visitors this monument brings in, the more destruction we’ll begin to see.  THIS IS NOT A GAME!

I strictly oppose the Bears Ears National Monument and support all those who depend on this land. #TrumpThisMonument

– Devin Bayles Hancock


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