By Christine Cooke

Testimony written by Christine Cooke and presented by Stan Rasmussen on March 2, 2017, in support of HB 212 2nd Sub. (Incentive for Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools) before the Senate Education Committee of the Utah Legislature.

Thank you, Mr. Chair Pro Tem, and good morning, senators. Stan Rasmussen with Sutherland Institute, speaking on behalf of my colleague, Christine Cooke, education policy analyst at Sutherland.

We believe HB 212 2nd Sub. is sound policy because it causes education leaders to rethink some important issues in the teaching profession – both pay and morale – and fills a resource gap for Utah’s most at-risk children.

We believe that good teachers deserve to be rewarded, and this bill advances that value while sending the message that it is not how long you last in the classroom, but how well you perform that defines good teaching. This legislation also ensures that we are connecting our best teachers to the children who need them the most – children living in poverty.

The result of this program can inform how we choose to pursue other changes in the teaching profession so we can hire and retain the very best teachers.

For these reasons, we encourage you to support this bill.

Thank you.


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