By Christine Cooke

Statement in support of HB 24 Sub 1 (Student Prosperity Savings Program – Tax Amendments) as prepared by Christine Cooke, who testified before the Senate Revenue and Taxation Standing Committee on Feb. 17, 2017:

Thank you, members of the committee.

I’m Christine Cooke, education policy analyst at Sutherland Institute.

Sutherland understands that every child has unique needs – especially when it comes to education – and believes that legislation ought to reflect these realities.

My colleague sits on the state’s intergenerational poverty advisory board, so we recognize that students experiencing IGP have very distinct needs.

Especially for children experiencing IGP, a life of prosperity – including educational and economic opportunity – is likely out of reach without the help of policy that incentivizes charitable donations from private actors and encourages financial self-reliance.

Because we believe HB 24 Sub 1 is sound policy, we ask you to support the bill.

Thank you.


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