By Christine Cooke

Testimony given by Christine Cooke on March 1, 2017, in support of HB 413 (Public School Membership in Associations) before the House Education Committee of the Utah Legislature.

Thank you, members of the committee.

I’m Christine Cooke, education policy analyst at Sutherland Institute.

Sutherland supports HB 413 because it codifies a greatly improved appeals process that had significant issues.

We believe that the same body that makes determinations about student athlete eligibility after transfers or school realignment should not be the body to which an entity appeals that decision.

It’s a central tenet of American fairness and justice.

Because the UHSAA is an arm of the State Board of Education, by law and in function, and because it receives public funds, we believe the Utah State Board of Education and this body have the right and responsibility to have oversight of these processes.

For these reasons we believe HB 413 to be good policy and we ask you to support the bill.

Thank you.


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