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Collective bargaining means less-affordable services for taxpayers

Tweet Do you think paying 12 percent more for a house than you need to is a good idea? What about when it comes to services provided by state and local government employees? Economists at Miami (Ohio) University and Trinity … Continue reading

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Minimum wage hike is a way to abdicate responsibility

Tweet Earlier this month I wrote a brief post explaining why raising the minimum wage is a dumb idea from an economic perspective and harms the very people it’s supposed to help. In a nutshell, setting an arbitrary minimum wage … Continue reading

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Detroit and the irony of liberal largesse

Tweet Last week, Detroit made history by becoming the largest American city to declare bankruptcy. How can a city go from being the richest per capita in 1960 to bankrupt and broken down in half a century? Many of you … Continue reading

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45% of union households in Utah would leave unions, if …

Tweet A new survey of 394 union households in Utah shows that 45 percent would leave their unions if they could do so without losing their jobs or receiving any other sort of penalty, while nationally 33.4 percent of union … Continue reading

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