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Weakening the ‘old habits of decency’

Tweet A wonderfully stated warning regarding the effect of government largesse: A sentimental utilitarianism argued that prosperity would abolish sin. It was a shallow argument, ignorant of history; for had it been true, all rich men’s sons, these many centuries … Continue reading

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What children learn from welfare: stay on welfare

Tweet What are the effects of government welfare programs on families, and especially children? Do they simply provide a temporary hand up to families, so their children can go on to lead self-reliant, productive lives? Or do they actually teach … Continue reading

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Why Utah should celebrate being 51st

Tweet When you read the term “economic security,” what do you think of? The likelihood that you’ll be able to find and keep good employment that will provide for your family? If so, then Utah is a great state to … Continue reading

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Voices across the political spectrum question dependency culture

Tweet In The New York Times, columnist Nicholas D. Kristof makes an uncomfortable point: This is painful for a liberal to admit, but conservatives have a point when they suggest that America’s safety net can sometimes entangle people in a … Continue reading

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Poverty’s elephant in the room

Tweet One core advantage of religious and other private charity over government welfare is that it is more likely to address the elephant in the room in discussions of poverty: marriage and family structure. The Department of Workforce Services report … Continue reading

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Intergenerational poverty, taxation and the Scrooge response

Tweet Earlier this week I spoke at an important conference on intergenerational poverty in Salt Lake City. Karen Crompton of Voices for Utah Children and State Senator Stuart Reid organized the conference and invited my participation as a follow-up to … Continue reading

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Romney, Obama and the 'takers'

Tweet Like many Americans by now, I listened to the recording of Mitt Romney talk about the “47 percent.” While there are some things to criticize about what Romney said, I have to admit that after I listened to him … Continue reading

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Government welfare and moral excellence

Tweet The great demographer Nicholas Eberstadt recently wrote in The Wall Street Journal about the dramatic explosion in the receipt of government welfare. His concluding paragraphs: The prospect of careening along an unsustainable economic road is deeply disturbing. But another … Continue reading

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Utah's Reid shows leadership on intergenerational poverty

Tweet Utah State Senator Stuart Reid is providing important leadership on a crucial issue — intergenerational poverty. The 1990s saw a major effort to reform public welfare through work requirements for welfare recipients. This effort had merit, but Senator Reid … Continue reading

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One more hidden cost of welfare?

Tweet   As we’ve noted before, government welfare programs generally carry a hidden cost beyond that paid by taxpayers – a cost paid by the recipients, in whom dependency and a loss of independence are fostered. An interesting new study … Continue reading

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Costs of Dependency

Tweet   Like the poor, the debate over what to do about poverty we will always have with us. Recently, unsustainable federal budget deficits have reawakened the controversy because it now seems clear that (since payments to individuals make up … Continue reading

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Stepping up as conservatives to help Utahns in need

Tweet   While I was waiting for a flight out of Salt Lake City, a young man, waiting for the same flight, sat down next to me and initiated a conversation. I soon found out that “Theo” was headed to … Continue reading

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