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Sutherland hands out Legislative Scorecard for 2012

Tweet Sutherland Institute announced today its 2012 Legislative Scorecard. Using 12 pieces of legislation from the 2012 legislative session for the Senate score and 13 for the House, Sutherland produced an individual score for each legislator and an overall score … Continue reading

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Would limits on number of bills improve Legislature’s work?

Tweet After six consecutive years of passing more bills than the year before, the Utah Legislature passed fewer bills this year. In 2012, lawmakers passed 478 bills (including resolutions) out of a total 891 bills filed – 26 fewer passed … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: education legislation

Tweet   Our first legislative video update focuses on two education bills, SB 39 and SB 31. Watch the report below and let us know what you think.

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Capitol Daily Video: tour of the Utah State Capitol

Tweet   Our first Capitol Daily Video features Sutherland Director of Public Affairs Stan Rasmussen as he gives a brief tour of where to go and what to do if you visit the Capitol during the session. Watch the video … Continue reading

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Sutherland’s daily updates from the Hill begin

Tweet   During the 2012 legislative session, Sutherland Institute will provide insight and analysis of votes, meetings, debates, legislation and policy from a conservative perspective. The goal is to provide our readers with in-depth coverage of issues vital to them … Continue reading

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Untangling the politics of hair braiding

Tweet   Hair braiding. Why would the state Legislature spend even a minute worrying about hair braiding? Representative Holly Richardson is wondering the same thing. As it stands, hair braiding is regulated by state government. It seems that it’s an … Continue reading

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Utah redistricting ‘a crime against humanity’? Really?

Tweet   In the Daily Herald’s opinion, “The Utah Legislature has committed a crime against humanity” in the Legislature’s redistricting process. I Googled “crimes against humanity.” I found these stories: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimes_against_humanity http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/ http://www.duhaime.org/LegalDictionary/C/CrimesAgainstHumanity.aspx http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/sep/13/pope-crimes-humanity-victims-abuse http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia-pacific/un-backed-trial-of-cambodians-khmer-rouge-leaders-set-for-late-november/2011/10/18/gIQAgaDDuL_story.html http://www.religioustolerance.org/genocide0.htm Funny, I didn’t find … Continue reading

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Why Democrats can only sing the redistricting blues

Tweet   Just a quick thought about the Utah redistricting kerfuffle. The key point, in my mind, is not the process the state Republicans are using to come out with the map. That is an issue, and it is debatable, … Continue reading

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Redistricting: Why Utah ought to carve up S.L.

Tweet   Here is my advice to the state Legislature on redistricting: Carve up Salt Lake City and dilute the more liberal parts of Salt Lake County. I say this as a conservative, as someone who works each and every … Continue reading

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Utah’s fuel act: Helping gas stations at your expense?

Tweet   Many people – citizens and lawmakers – would think it ridiculous for government to prohibit R.C. Willey from giving away hot dogs and soda Saturday mornings as an enticement for passers-by to look at furniture. They might also … Continue reading

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Results of our GOP delegate survey

Tweet   State delegates are charged with selecting primary candidates, but surprisingly little is known about these delegates’ opinions on important issues in Utah. Earlier this month, Sutherland Institute sent out an email survey to Republican state delegates. Seven hundred … Continue reading

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July legislative interim day roundup

Tweet   Yesterday, the Utah Legislature met for its monthly interim day meetings. During these meetings legislators discuss items that may lead to legislation in the annual general session that begins in January. This month, they also attended to several … Continue reading

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Sundance Film Festival brings much more than money to Utah — and you may not like it

Tweet   The Sundance Film Festival brings a lot of economic activity to Utah, but is the festival something the state should endorse using tax dollars and legislation? A recent report estimates that the 2011 Sundance Film Festival produced $70.9 … Continue reading

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Does the Utah State Legislature pass too many bills?

Tweet The Salt Lake Tribune reported that 351 new laws took effect today, addressing issues from foster care to fireworks. During this year’s legislative session, legislators passed 504 bills (many of which were resolutions that didn’t create any new laws) … Continue reading

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