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Why should we embrace religion?

Because freedom is the combination of liberty and virtue, religion provides a natural and voluntary source of moral guidelines to assist us in living virtuous lives. Human beings need and want to belong in communities. In a free society those … Continue reading

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How Silent Cal’s ‘normalcy’ led to prosperity

Calvin Coolidge is often noted for his penny-pinching ways and “Silent Cal” demeanor. His administration came on the heels of massive government expansion that occurred as the U.S. entered World War I. While some natural spending contraction is to be … Continue reading

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Our generous presidential pensions

U.S. presidents make a lot of money when they leave office, both in their private endeavors and in terms of government pension and expense reimbursements. Private wealth among presidents was never uncommon, but no post-presidency pension existed until 1958, when … Continue reading

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Family and poverty

On Father’s Day 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama spoke at the Apostolic Church in Chicago. He spoke about families and how tragic it is that half of all black children live in single-parent homes. He said this rate had doubled during … Continue reading

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Detroit asks: Who is John Galt?

Detroit once had the highest per-capita income of any city in the world. Yet today it stands bankrupt and abandoned. What happened to the once-great city? While there were many factors in its decline, some of the major influences are … Continue reading

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Contest to win iPad closes tonight!

If you haven’t given Utah Citizen Network a try, today’s a good day for it. In fact, there’s still time to win an iPad – but the giveaway closes tonight! The first 50 UCN members who play the Freedomville game … Continue reading

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Win an iPad: Utah Citizen Network launches!

A powerful new tool for lasting change is now at your fingertips as Sutherland Institute announces the beta launch of UtahCitizenNetwork.org. In two words, the Utah Citizen Network (UCN) is “Citizenship Simplified.” The UCN site is incredibly fun, informative and … Continue reading

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