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Top 5 highlights from the 2015 Utah legislative session

Of the 833 pieces of legislation that were introduced this session, below are five that are especially noteworthy. HB 333—Budget Reserve Account Amendments Utah lawmakers once again showed they are serious about their fiscal stewardship by raising caps on state … Continue reading

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Is apple pie next? — Sutherland Soapbox, 2/17/15

This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. The podcast can be found at the bottom of this post. Motherhood and apple pie, as the idiom suggests, are things we can … Continue reading

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Fundamental reform must precede increases in generally applicable taxes

Some Utah policymakers are proposing legislation this year that would increase generally applicable taxes on income and gasoline. Not surprisingly, these proposals have drawn the attention of the media and Utah pollsters, who have found that Utahns oppose raising income … Continue reading

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Infographic: How many drinks per week?

The above chart contains some interesting – and eye-popping – information about American alcohol consumption. First, 60 percent of Americans either don’t drink at all (30 percent) or, on average, have less than one drink per week (30 percent). But the top … Continue reading

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Utah through a taxpayer’s eyes

According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune article: Utah residents pay the 14th lowest taxes in the nation, or the 10th lowest if adjusted for cost of living The average Utah taxpayer pays $6,069 in taxes (state and local) The … Continue reading

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Don’t take my PILT down, man

There’s nothing wrong with PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) that getting rid of the need for PILT won’t fix. But so long as there’s a “in Lieu of Taxes,” getting rid of “Payments” would be fundamentally unfair and harmful … Continue reading

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Finding the balance between a safety net and a spiderweb of corruption

As I write this I just finished reading the Lee Benson interview of United Way’s Deborah Bayle in the Deseret News. In full disclosure, I’m not a big fan of private social service agencies that institutionalize the use of tax … Continue reading

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The lowdown on Social Security

Many politicians talk of a Social Security trust fund, some even calling it a “lockbox.” This evokes images of a giant vault full of money stacked to the ceiling, or perhaps a huge savings account holding onto cash for when … Continue reading

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Selling our national soul for 30 pieces of silver

The United States Senate recently voted overwhelmingly to proceed with debate on the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, and scheduled a final vote for May 6. This law, if passed, would authorize states to require Internet-based companies without a physical presence … Continue reading

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Utah tax revenue leans heavily on income, consumption

According to a new Tax Foundation analysis of Census Bureau data on state and local government tax revenues, state and local governments in Utah rely more on individual and corporate income taxes and sales taxes, and less on property taxes, … Continue reading

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Spending pledges vs. spending limits

As Congress begins to drive America off the fiscal cliff, the politics of taxes and spending will reach new levels of absurdity. Over 20 years ago a young upstart in Washington, D.C., Grover Norquist, began an anti-tax campaign calling on … Continue reading

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The fiscal cliffs of insanity

“Do you want me to send you back to where I found you … UNEMPLOYED in GREENLAND?” Or perhaps “Princess Bride’s” Vizzini should have threatened Fezzik with unemployment in the United States. As the graphic below shows us, the tax … Continue reading

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Conservative ideas help balance conflicting interests in tax policy

One of the benefits for free society – for families, individuals, businesses, and others – that conservative principles and thinking provides is the possibility for balancing realities and principles that may seem to be in conflict, resembling the balancing act … Continue reading

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Intergenerational poverty, taxation and the Scrooge response

Earlier this week I spoke at an important conference on intergenerational poverty in Salt Lake City. Karen Crompton of Voices for Utah Children and State Senator Stuart Reid organized the conference and invited my participation as a follow-up to Senator … Continue reading

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Why Orem residents are right to fight UTOPIA tax sneakiness

Deseret News columnist Doug Robinson sums up perfectly why Orem residents are pushing back against new taxes to pay for UTOPIA. More than 5,000 Orem residents signed a petition to force a property-tax referendum in November 2013. That means the … Continue reading

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