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Why we cheer National School Choice Week

This week is National School Choice Week. School choice – the freedom of parents to move their child from a system of learning that is failing them to one that better meets their individual needs – has reaped many benefits … Continue reading

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School Trek: The Next Generation

For those who care about improving public education for Utah families and children, National Affairs recently published an intriguing essay about Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) titled “The Next Step in School Choice.” This essay, referencing Milton and Rose Friedman, captures … Continue reading

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Tables turned: UHSAA to defend itself in court

  In the latest dispute between parents and the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA), Ronald and Susan Mika, parents of Eric Mika, are suing the UHSAA for denying Eric the opportunity to play basketball this year, even though he … Continue reading

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Free market competition improves public education, too

  Free market advocates and thinkers argue that market forces and competition motivate businesses and entrepreneurs to innovate and create new goods and services that improve peoples’ lives. Over time those goods and services become better and often less expensive. … Continue reading

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