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What nobody will admit about our public schools

If you ask the typical representative of the State Board of Education or government bureaucrat at the State of Office of Education why educational achievement is not what everyone expects, you will receive one of two answers: (1) public schools … Continue reading

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Digital learning summit: How ‘blended learning’ works

Blended learning is an education strategy that combines aspects of digital learning and a more traditional school setting. It offers superb flexibility and high quality to students who use it. And it’s happening right now in Utah’s public school system. … Continue reading

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Put children first: Don’t hide classroom-level data from public

Suppose you are king of Utah for a day. Your education adviser asks you whether you think it is a good idea to make information on the performance of each classroom of public school students publicly available. He explains to … Continue reading

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Evaluating (and paying) teachers more effectively

The Deseret News recently published an article discussing how educators and education researchers are investigating new ways to evaluate the effectiveness of school teachers. Those ways include: (1) rigorous classroom observation, based on specific teaching behaviors associated with student learning … Continue reading

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Video: Digital learning shakes up the factory model

One of the main problems with traditional education is the factory model it uses for grouping and advancing students through grade levels. This model leaves little room for individualization, customization, pace adjustment and other unique needs and circumstances. Digital learning, … Continue reading

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Fact-checking USOE claims on Common Core

As the debate about Common Core carries on, many interested parties are making claims about what effect the new standards will have on public education and children in Utah. The latest comes from Brenda Hales of the Utah State Office … Continue reading

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Flipping the classroom – and the results

Imagine a classroom where one teacher is able to give every student individual instruction to help meet academic needs and build on each student’s interests. Imagine a school where students don’t fall through the cracks and parents actively participate in … Continue reading

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New report: Common Core not best for Utah children

Should Utah’s education standards, or learning goals, be crafted to meet the needs of children, or the desires of adults like administrators and teachers? In a new report, “Common Core: Is It Best for Utah Children?” Sutherland answers this question … Continue reading

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Digital learning sparks excitement at Utah Connections Academy

Thanks to digital learning, more children in Utah are gaining access to the highest-quality teachers and curriculum possible. Watch this video report on Utah Connections Academy to learn how this digital learning program is benefiting students: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI4BKRYTWjs Here’s the script … Continue reading

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New report: 8 ways to enhance digital learning in Utah schools

Digital learning is transforming K-12 schooling in Utah – whether through fully digital courses available from the Statewide Online Education Program, district programs or charter schools, or through “blended learning” models that incorporate aspects of digital learning into a physical … Continue reading

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Children with learning disabilities left behind?

Federal law requires schools to identify children who have learning disabilities and provide them an education appropriate to their needs. Two recent stories have surfaced showing that Utah school districts may be breaking this law. Watch this video to hear … Continue reading

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Video: Was Utah teacher punished for testifying on union bill?

According to Heartland Institute, Utah teacher Cole Kelley was released from his position as athletic director one week after testifying in favor of a bill that would penalize school districts for not granting equal access to all teacher organizations. Heartland … Continue reading

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Give Utah principals more authority over their schools

Utah’s public school system has become top-heavy. At Sutherland, we have advocated for a more bottom-up approach, particularly one that is parent-driven. Over at The Atlantic, Chester E. Finn Jr. of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute makes a strong case … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Memo: Common Core bills lead to exchange with Secretary of Education

SB 287 passed the Senate yesterday on a 50-23-2 vote and now heads to the governor for his signature. The bill would give Utah the ability to exit any agreement involving the state’s core curriculum for public schools for any … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: Common Core and Utah schools

A bill that would give Utah the ability to exit any agreement regarding its core curriculum for public schools has cleared the House and the Senate. Watch this video report to learn more about SB 287: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiIDYIOLY-I

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