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Why Herbert should veto preschool bill – Mero Moment, 3/25/14

Most people know that Barack Obama has been pushing for universal health care since his initial campaign in 2008. But did you know that universal preschool has been on his implementation list for just as long? The “Preschool for All” … Continue reading

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Testimony on HB 96 (Utah School Readiness Initiative)

Testimony presented by Stan Rasmussen, director of public affairs, Sutherland Institute, before the House Education Standing Committee of the Utah Legislature on Feb. 6, 2014, regarding HB 96 – Utah School Readiness Initiative: Thank you, Mr. Vice Chair and good … Continue reading

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‘Like treating cancer with a Band-Aid’

“The federal government has a horrific record on preschool,” says Joy Pullman in The Federalist. And she says no one is willing to admit what the root problems are: “The most curious thing about the preschool debate is that everyone … Continue reading

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Head Start: a noble idea with poor results

The people of Utah understand families and children as well as or better than most. So it comes as no surprise that we would have a vested interest in Utah children who may be struggling at an early age. Head Start … Continue reading

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