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Medicaid: A disconnect between debate and reality, Sutherland Soapbox, 2/3/15

  This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. The podcast can be found at the bottom of this post. I want to discuss a topic of significant political news reporting … Continue reading

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Making peace with prosperity

About had it with the chaos of Christmas commercialization? Do yourself a favor and read Arthur Brooks’ New York Times column, “Abundance Without Attachment.” The ever-inspiring Brooks explains that while economic prosperity has brought much of the world out of … Continue reading

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Video: Arthur Brooks, Sen. Mike Lee at Sutherland event

If you haven’t had a chance to watch our video of Sen. Mike Lee and AEI president Arthur Brooks sharing ideas for fighting poverty, now’s a good time! Click on the photo at left.

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Be ‘warriors’ for social justice, Mike Lee and Arthur Brooks tell audience at Sutherland event

Is social justice a conservative cause? Yes, absolutely. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, explained why it’s not just a cause, but a moral imperative, last night at a Sutherland Institute dinner … Continue reading

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Conservative focus on helping vulnerable is long overdue – Conservatively Speaking, 9/2/14

This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. For conservatives, poverty and eroding economic security for middle income families are not simply social problems, but moral problems as well. Beyond the … Continue reading

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Finding the balance between a safety net and a spiderweb of corruption

As I write this I just finished reading the Lee Benson interview of United Way’s Deborah Bayle in the Deseret News. In full disclosure, I’m not a big fan of private social service agencies that institutionalize the use of tax … Continue reading

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‘Like treating cancer with a Band-Aid’

“The federal government has a horrific record on preschool,” says Joy Pullman in The Federalist. And she says no one is willing to admit what the root problems are: “The most curious thing about the preschool debate is that everyone … Continue reading

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2013 Legislature: Testimony in favor of SB 53 — intergenerational welfare reform

Testimony given by Stan Rasmussen Tuesday in support of Sen. Stuart Reid’s Intergenerational Welfare Reform (SB 53, 2013) before the House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee: Thank you, Mr. Vice Chair, and good afternoon, Madam Chair and Representatives. I … Continue reading

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Intergenerational poverty, taxation and the Scrooge response

Earlier this week I spoke at an important conference on intergenerational poverty in Salt Lake City. Karen Crompton of Voices for Utah Children and State Senator Stuart Reid organized the conference and invited my participation as a follow-up to Senator … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Memo: measure to track poverty trends moves forward

  The effort to give a “hand up, not a hand out” to Utah families stuck in poverty for several consecutive generations took another step forward today as SB 37 passed unanimously out of the House Workforce Services and Community … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: intergenerational poverty

  Today’s video update is about SB 37, a bill sponsored by Senator Stuart Reid (R-Davis), which would require the state to track data related to intergenerational poverty. We interviewed Senator Reid and Sutherland policy analyst Matt Piccolo to learn … Continue reading

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Defining necessity

  I have seen an image going around Facebook that will make you think twice about your holiday spending. It juxtaposes a photo of obviously starving children, holding out their hands, with a photo of harried shoppers with arms and … Continue reading

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Costs of Dependency

  Like the poor, the debate over what to do about poverty we will always have with us. Recently, unsustainable federal budget deficits have reawakened the controversy because it now seems clear that (since payments to individuals make up two-thirds … Continue reading

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Stepping up as conservatives to help Utahns in need

  While I was waiting for a flight out of Salt Lake City, a young man, waiting for the same flight, sat down next to me and initiated a conversation. I soon found out that “Theo” was headed to meet … Continue reading

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