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Obamacare’s prognosis is poor

Jay Cost over at The Weekly Standard blog wrote a smart blog post recently, titled “Don’t bet on Obamacare,” arguing that Obamacare is likely “doomed” no matter what happens in the elections November. His reasoning: “The bill was badly designed … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Memo: health department gulps at possible loss of federal funds

  Imagine that you’re a third-grader who needs $10 every day for breakfast, lunch and snacks at school, and that you have a generous fifth-grade friend who pays $7 of the cost each day. You “earn” the remaining $3 by … Continue reading

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How authentic charity care can work for Utah

  We mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago that the cost of Medicaid services continues to escalate here in Utah and across the nation. This upward trajectory is not expected to change anytime soon. Although we support the … Continue reading

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Turn Medicaid hot potato into a block grant

  Despite the ongoing debt and deficit battles in Washington, our national leaders need to work together to address a political hot potato – Medicaid – to help get the nation’s fiscal house in order. For Utah, implementing a block … Continue reading

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Budget deal: Utah still addicted to the federal trough

  A year and a half ago I wrote an article for the Standard-Examiner about how Utah is addicted to federal dollars. Since then, nothing has changed. The federal budget deal has again brought this issue to our attention. A … Continue reading

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How to make health care more affordable: Part 1

  According to a study by McKinsey & Co., once the federal government begins to penalize businesses for not offering health insurance to their employees and subsidizes individual health insurance plans under Obamacare (starting in 2014), “almost one-third of U.S. … Continue reading

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