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Leave Newtown in peace for anniversary of shooting

Tweet The residents of Newtown, Conn.  – whose lives were violently disrupted by a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary last year on Dec. 14 – have asked media to leave them alone this year. No breathless “one year ago today!” … Continue reading

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Government’s stalking of media is outrageous and creepy

Tweet As a former journalist who spent 20 years in the newsroom of a daily paper, I have watched with horror the news about the Justice Department snooping into the Associated Press’s records and conducting surveillance on Fox News correspondent … Continue reading

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New York Times editor admits to liberal bias at paper

Tweet In a somewhat stunning vindication of long-standing suspicions of a liberal bias in traditional news media, the public editor at The New York Times recently wrote a column openly stating that “the paper’s many departments … share a kind … Continue reading

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Reporting on poll results often fails Journalism 101

Tweet Political reporters often report poll results about candidates or issues without examining whether the polling sample makes any sense. Since a polling sample can almost single-handedly determine its results, this would seem like an elementary requirement of any competent … Continue reading

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An Eye of Sauron in every home?

Tweet   In the black abyss there appeared a single Eye that slowly grew, until it filled nearly all the mirror. So terrible was it that Frodo stood rooted, unable to cry out or withdraw his gaze. The Eye was … Continue reading

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