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Trib columnist shows honesty about logic of ‘gay marriage’

Tweet One question we’ve often asked those who advocate for “gay marriage” has been this: If you believe that legal recognition of marriage should be based only on “love” – as opposed to the rights of children, or the benefits … Continue reading

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Op-ed: The House has got dating all wrong

Tweet There is an axiom that Utah culture is only a decade, perhaps even only a few years, behind a broader American culture in decline. Recently, as the Utah House of Representatives debated the Dating Violence Protection Act, HB50, further … Continue reading

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Will this Legislature uphold or undermine ideals of family?

Tweet Animating the Sutherland Institute’s efforts on family issues at the Legislature is the principle that individual family disintegration or failure to form is not the only problem our society faces. The increasing social and legal acceptance of family breakdown … Continue reading

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What is marriage? The divorce edition

Tweet It is a tired trope that people who care about marriage are inordinately worried about it being redefined and should just work to address the problem of divorce. Of course, in fact, they have been doing just that for … Continue reading

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Put your sweetheart first (no Paris ‘lovelocks’ required)

Tweet The Wall Street Journal is talking of love … ways of showing love. One way is to write both your names, or your initials, on a padlock, lock it to a bridge over the Seine in Paris, and throw … Continue reading

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Can we save marriage by redefining it?

Tweet A peculiar case for redefining marriage posits that the institution can be strengthened by redefining it. More people will then, the argument goes, want to marry or at least will want to strengthen marriages generally. The challenge is that … Continue reading

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Talking past each other

Tweet The phrase “talking past each other” surely applies to the “debate” in which we are supposedly engaged over the meaning of marriage as it relates to divorce, redefinition, cohabitation, unwed parenting, etc.  On one side, there are discussions of … Continue reading

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Why the Supreme Court marriage decision is good news

Tweet Last Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review two decisions of lower federal courts that had struck down two laws preserving the definition of marriage as the union of a husband and wife. One of the laws was … Continue reading

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A consequential time for marriage

Tweet What if the U.S. Supreme Court imposed a policy of “gay marriage” on the entire country, in spite of the fact that nearly two-thirds of states maintain a traditional definition of marriage? On the other hand, what if the … Continue reading

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'Freedom to marry'

Tweet If you believe that the “freedom to marry” includes any relationship outside of one man and one woman, you don’t understand the meaning of freedom. Most people are at liberty to do a great many things, but not all … Continue reading

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The intrinsic good of marriage

Tweet One of the events in the John Adams Center’s recent Goods of Family conference (a really important event put on by the Center’s director, Ralph Hancock) was a superb lecture by Russell Hittinger of the University of Tulsa. Dr. … Continue reading

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Poverty’s elephant in the room

Tweet One core advantage of religious and other private charity over government welfare is that it is more likely to address the elephant in the room in discussions of poverty: marriage and family structure. The Department of Workforce Services report … Continue reading

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Polyamory and willful blindness?

Tweet Imagine a scenario where a small child is allowed to play with loaded weapons without meaningful oversight from the parents. Then imagine the parents excuse their behavior by saying that the child had not yet been shot or shot … Continue reading

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Same-sex marriage inevitable? Not so fast

Tweet At a Sutherland Institute event in April 2011, Maggie Gallagher noted that victory in a war comes when one side believes it is no longer worth fighting. Thus, one of the most important arguments made by those who want … Continue reading

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Defending traditional marriage at UVU ethics week

Tweet Utah Valley University’s Center for the Study of Ethics very kindly invited me to give a speech on “The Meaning of Traditional Marriage” on Sept. 18 as part of an Ethics Awareness Week In the speech I tried to explain … Continue reading

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